JZOS Java Launcher and Toolkit Overview

(last updated November, 2012)

A batch launcher and toolkit for Java applications running on z/OS.

The IBM JZOS Batch Toolkit for z/OS SDKs is a set of tools that improves many of the functional and environmental characteristics of the current Java batch capabilities on z/OS. It includes a native launcher for running Java applications directly as batch jobs or started tasks, and a set of Java methods that make access to traditional z/OS data and key system services directly available from Java applications. Additional system services include console communication, multiline WTO (write to operator), and return code passing capability. In addition, JZOS provides facilities for flexible configuration of the run-time environment, and it allows intermediate data to be seen via z/OS System Display and Search Facility (SDSF). Java applications can be fully integrated as job steps in order to augment existing batch applications.

The combination of the launcher, data access, added system services, and environmental enhancements make running Java on z/OS as batch jobs easier, particularly for traditional z/OS programmers. The net result of these enhancements is that the look and feel of running Java applications is much closer to other z/OS batch jobs, and the way Java batch can be managed is now like other z/OS batch applications written in COBOL, PL/I, or other compiled languages.

The batch launcher and toolkit extends the z/OS SDK products with a set of Java classes and additional C++ code. Java applications can be launched directly as batch jobs on z/OS along with using the custom launcher. The JZOS set of Java class libraries extends the function available in the standard Java product. The extensions provide APIs for Java access to z/OS operating system services and access to z/OS-specific data types, including VSAM data.


JZOS reference for IBM SDK for z/OS, Java Technology Edition, Version 7 Release 1

JZOS reference for Java SDK, V7.0.0

JZOS reference for Java SDK, V6.0.1

JZOS reference for Java SDK, V6.0.0 and earlier

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