IBM 64-bit SDK for z/OS, V5 - Prerequisites to installing the product

(last updated February, 2010)

No additional prerequisites are required if running on
z/OS V1.7 or above.


The z/OS level should be at the GA level of z/OS V1.6 (5694-A01) or z/OS.e V1.6 (5655-G52) with PTFs:

Additional recommended or required APARs:

  1. If the Shared Classes function is used. It is strongly recommended that z/OS APAR OA11519 is applied to any z/OS system where shared classes are used. This APAR ensures that multiple shmat requests for the same shared segment will map to the same virtual address across multiple VMs.

  2. For IPV6 interface support, APARs OA13217 and PK12351 are required.

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