Java Cryptography Extension, IBM JCE in J2SE for z/OS Overview

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The Java Cryptography Extension (JCE in J2SE) provides a framework and implementations for encryption, key generation and key agreement, and Message Authentication Code (MAC) algorithms. Support for encryption includes symmetric, asymmetric, block, and stream ciphers. The software also supports secure streams and sealed objects. JCE in J2SE supplements the Java 2 platform (Java Cryptography Architecture JCA), which already includes interfaces and implementations of message digests and digital signatures. That is JCE includes all of the function of JCA plus a great deal of additional function. This version of JCE in J2SE has been made compatible with the z/OS environments and has the provider name of IBMJCE.

Online documentation and samples

To download a copy of the documentation for the IBMJCE provider, see the Security documentation on developerWorks

For a general overview of JCE, see Oracle's documentation of JCE. The documents at this Web site contain links to many other Web-based information sources.

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