IBM Health Checker for z/OS provides a foundation to help simplify and automate the identification of potential configuration problems before they impact system availability. It compares active values and settings to those suggested by IBM or defined by your installation. The IBM Health Checker for z/OS consists of:

  • The framework, which manages functions such as check registration, messaging, scheduling, command processing, logging, and reporting. The framework is provided as an open architecture in support of check writing. The IBM Health Checker for z/OS framework is available as a base function starting with z/OS V1.7.
  • Individual health checks, which evaluate settings and definitions specific to products, elements, or components. Checks are provided separately and are independent of the framework. The architecture of the framework supports checks written by IBM, independent software vendors (ISVs), and users. You can manage checks and define overrides to defaults using the MODIFY command or the HZSPRMxx parmlib member.
    IBM-supplied checks can be integrated with the product, element, or component, or they can be provided as APARs in between z/OS releases. To obtain checks that are provided as APARs, you can run an SMP/E MISSINGFIX report for fix category IBM.Function.HealthChecker.
    Note: Many of the checks are also supported on multiple z/OS releases. Review the check APARs for the specific releases supported.

The "IBM Health Checker for z/OS User's Guide" provides detailed information for framework setup, check customization and maintenance, check writing concepts, and callable services available for check writers. It also contains an inventory of the health checks provided by IBM products, elements, and components.

The "IBM Health Checker for z/OS V2R3 User's Guide" (PDF version), including the chapter "IBM Health Checker for z/OS checks", can be found via IBM publication number SC23-6843. Versions for releases V1.13 and earlier can be found under publication numbers SA22-7994-xx.

The "Exploiting the IBM Health Checker for z/OS Infrastructure" IBM Redpaper (REDP-4590) contains additional "hands-on" information for systems programmers and check writers.


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