z/OSMF z/OS V2R1 Migration Workflow

Introducing another advancement in z/OS migration assistance!

We have moved the z/OS V2.1 Migration book into a z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) z/OS V2R1 Migration Workflow. Using the z/OSMF workflow, you can go through a z/OS V2.1 migration as an interactive, step-by-step process. There are two Workflow XML documents provided:  one for a migration from z/OS V1.13 to V2.1, and one for a migration from z/OS V1.12 to V2.1. Select the Workflow XML document you need. The Workflow XML documents are identical to the z/OS V2.1 Migration book (GA32-0889-02), meaning the book contains identical information to the Workflow XML documents and the Workflow XML documents contain identical information to the book. You could, if you wish, completely replace the book with the z/OSMF Workflow! As the z/OS V2.1 Migration book is updated, the corresponding z/OSMF Workflow documents are also updated. Check the level of the Workflow document to see what the corresponding level of the book is.

Even though z/OSMF V2.1 is a prerequisite for using this z/OS V2.1 migration information, and there is a “chicken and egg” problem, there are still some benefits to using the z/OS V2.1 migration workflow files now:

  • The z/OS V2.1 post-installation migration actions can be assigned and tracked, once you have z/OSMF V2.1 up and running.
  • You can determine if you have missed any z/OS V2.1 migration actions, by using the workflow to ensure that you didn't overlook any applicable actions.
  • You can learn how to maneuver in the z/OSMF Workflow early, so that subsequent migration use of Workflow is familiar to you.
  • You can provide early feedback on exploiting z/OS V2.1 migration with z/OSMF Workflow. This can help improve any follow-on deliverables for z/OS migration that may come.
  • You can identify any wish list items that would be helpful for z/OS migration within the z/OSMF Workflow itself.

This tool is not supported by the IBM Service organization but rather by the tool owner on a best-can-do basis. Please report any problems, suggestions, or comments to zosmig@us.ibm.com.

If you would like to see a short demo on using this z/OS V2.1 migration workflow, visit the IBM® z/OSMF V2.1 Migration Workflow Demo on YouTube.

Current z/OS V2.1 Migration Workflow level:
 02 (September 15, 2014), which corresponds to the z/OS V2.1 Migration book (GA32-0889-02). 

You can easily see which book level your workflow corresponds to by selecting the major task ("Migration: Introduction", "General migration actions for everyone migrating to z/OS V2R1", and "Migration from z/OS V1Rnn"). On the General tab in the Description of any of those major tasks, you will see the following: This z/OSMF Workflow was derived from the Migration from z/OS V1R13 and z/OS V1R12 to z/OS V2R1, GA32-0889-02.  On the "Migration:  Introduction" General tab, you will see the Summary of Changes, which lists the changes between this workflow and any prior levels of the workflow.

Migration Workflow Tips

  1. To be consistent with the book, the workflows include some migration actions shown as "None" for components that do not have any migration action. "None." still counts as a workflow sub-task to complete, even though there is no migration action to perform. To complete the sub-task, mark the migration action sub-tasks with an "Override-complete" to have them designated as complete.
  2. The URL links to the documentation in the workflow cannot go to an anchor in the web page. The URLs will just bring you to the web page, not content that may be further down in the page. You may have to scroll down on the web page to find the information that you need.
  3. z/OSMF Workflow limits task headings to 100 characters. Some of the z/OS V2.1 migration actions as shown in the migration book are longer than 100 characters and have been truncated. This is not a problem as the 100 characters is enough to uniquely identify the migration action.
  4. Today, this is strictly a "book port" into z/OSMF Workflow. Accordingly, you will only see the migration action documented in the "General" tab of the task. No other tabs are currently in use by this workflow. You don't need to use both the book and the workflow - you can use only one and get the same information.
  5. At this point, you cannot copy an existing workflow into a new or existing workflow.  Take this into consideration if you wish to upgrade a workflow to a higher level when one is provided.  This means that you should use the latest level of the workflow for your z/OS V2.1 migration planning.  If subsequent levels of the workflow are released after you've already started, you can refer to those levels of the z/OS V2.1 Migration book and see (from the Summary of Changes) those migration actions that are not accounted for in your existing workflow.  We recognize the need to "drag" a migration workflow.


From z/OS V1.13 to V2.1 Migration Workflow for z/OSMF V2.1 XML file
zOSR13toV2.1_migration_workflow02.xml (1.37 MB)
Download now 2014-09-15
From z/OS V1.12 to V2.1 Migration Workflow for z/OSMF V2.1 XML file
zOSR12toV2.1_migration_workflow02.xml (1.80 MB)
Download now 2014-09-15


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