IBM: SMF analysis tool for BatchPipes

Use the SMF analysis tool to determine whether BatchPipes is right for you. Run this tool on your system's SMF data to produce a report of the estimated time savings you can achieve with BatchPipes. The tool reads SMF record types 14, 15 and 30 (subtypes 1,4 and 5) from your SMF data.

A single, self-contained file (asfpjaid.jcl) contains the job to run the tool. The job includes a temporary link-edit step; no pre set-up or post clean-up is required.

The file:

  • Includes a block comment "prolog" that describes what to change, and what to expect.
  • Has a build step (a linkedit which takes as input the "obj" which is included instream) that creates temporary executables.
  • Performs various analysis functions, which use the executables created by the build step.
  • Produces reports that are sent to the printer by the JCL.

The end result is a sent of printed reports, but no lingering copies of the code to manage or maintain.

Tips on running the tool and analyzing the results

To obtain tips on running this tool and analyzing the results, use the Contact z/OS form.

Downloading the tool

Download the tool here.

Upload the asfpjaid.jcl file as binary.

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