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Consolidated Service Test and the RSU

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 Do the following to obtain and install the service we are recommending:

  1. Order a current preventive service deliverable that supports RSU. IBM recommends that you use ShopzSeries to place your service order for the z/OS platform. When you place the order for your preventive service, you'll get service for all the products you specified in your profile. If you order service for products we do not test in the CST environment, you'll still get all the service specified in your profile. In addition, you'll receive RSU ++ASSIGN statements for all the service - both CST tested and non-CST tested service get an associated RSU ++ASSIGN statement. Please note that the RSUs are not cumulative, so you must order each one.

  2. SMP/E RECEIVE the PTFs and RSU assign statements into the global zone.
  3. Get and receive the latest Enhanced HOLDDATA . Use the instructions on the Enhanced HOLDDATA for z/OS for instructions on getting the Enhanced HOLDDATA

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