Support for z/OS

Comprehensive support for z/OS.

Support for mainframe servers

Comprehensive support for zSeries and S/390 servers.

IBM Consolidated Service Test Web site

The CST Web site provides you with a way to obtain and install the recommended PTF service for z/OS or OS/390 and their key subsystems together in one package.

z/OS and z/OS.e marketing and service announce, availability, and withdrawal dates

Find out about US announcement, general availability, end of marketing, and end of service dates for z/OS, z/OS.e, and OS/390 releases.

IBM software support lifecycle

Get end of service dates for IBM software products.

z/OS and z/OS.e server support

View a table that shows z/OS, z/OS.e, and OS/390 support for zSeries and S/390 server models by operating system release.

z/OS fallback, coexistence, and migration options

View a table that explains your z/OS fallback, coexistence options by operating system release.

z/OS availability

It's by design. For decades, z/OS has included basic recovery, availability, and service features as core components of its operating system design. Get the details and find out about new enhancements.

Use SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval to get z/OS service

To order and obtain PTFs over the Internet, you should consider using SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval. You can find out more about SMP/E Internet Service Retrieval in the following:

Granular APAR search

Find the latest z Systems related APAR information.

  • Identify missing PE and HIPER fixes (APARs and PTFs) easily
  • Perform initial analysis of the impact of available fixes directly from the report
  • Obtain daily updates of this information.

Note: The "z/OS DOC APAR and ++HOLD DOC documentation" has been replaced by the Granular APAR Search

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