Internet delivery of z/OS via ServerPac and ShopzSeries

Effective January 10, 2005, z/OS is available for Internet delivery in ServerPac for orders placed using ShopzSeries. The integration of ShopzSeries with the ServerPac dialogs provides a seamless experience for ordering and installing your ServerPac (z/OS, DB2, CICS, IMS, WAS, and NCP) orders, while leveraging the automation capabilities of Internet delivery with new SMP/E functions.

Support for Internet delivery of ServerPac is an extension of existing capabilities to download products and service orders placed using ShopzSeries. Internet delivery provides ease of use advantages with its elimination of tape handling and automation of many operations for download and installation. ShopzSeries also provides you with the flexibility to download your orders either directly to z/OS or z/OS.e, or to a workstation used as an intermediate node.

Refer to the ShopzSeries User's Guide, specifically the topic on Internet Delivery, for prerequisites and related planning information.

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