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Hot Topics 2018

Transform z/OS Output to Accessible PDF for the Visually Impaired
February 2018 | by Anthony Mingo, Tariq Choudhry

Learn how to augment information from AFP input and produce accessible PDF output that’s compliant with the ISO 14289-1 PDF/UA standard or WCAG 2.0 AA.

IBM Cloud Provisioning and Management for z/OS Helps Organizations Become Service Providers
January 2018 | by Hiren Shah

z/OS V2.3 delivers enhancements to the z/OS platform’s cloud capabilities that you can use to begin your transformation from an IT cost center to a value-generating service provider, delivering world-class services internally over the intranet or externally over the internet. These enhancements, referred as IBM Cloud Provisioning and Management for z/OS, were also rolled back to z/OS V2.2 (with PTFs UI42847 and UI46543) and z/OS V2.1 (with PTF UI43814).
Hot Topics 2017

RACF Ghost Busted: Easily Finding and Fixing Ghost Profiles
December 2017 | by Jun Ogata, Scott Woolley

Is your RACF database still haunted by ghost profiles? Do you enter the SEARCH command and still find (apparently) generic profiles that you are unable to change? Well the folks that brought you the “RACF Ghost Hunters” Hot Topics article have some great news for you. Your RACF ghosts are now busted!

Crypto Statistics Monitor Watches Resource Usage
November 2017 | by Eysha Powers, Ronald Edick

Security is a principle concern in today’s world, and the secure handling of data is an essential component of security. Cryptographic Support for z/OS V2.1 to z/OS V2.3, provides a means for the secure and reliable handling of data with Crypto Statistics Monitor. It helps security administrators and capacity planners monitor the use of cryptographic resources and shows which resources are being used, how much these resources are being used, and who is using these resources.

Monitor the Cryptographic Protection of Your z/OS Network Traffic
October 2017 | by Chris Meyer, Dave Wierbowski, Michael Gierlach

With the increasing number corporate, industry, and government regulations regarding cryptographic protection of data in flight, as well as discoveries of weaknesses in existing cryptographic protocols and algorithms, it has become very important that z/OS administrators and auditors have a way to assess the quality of the cryptographic network protection being applied to their key z/OS workloads.

Aggregate Content for IBM Z Products With IBM Doc Buddy V2
October 2017 | by Alicia Mao, Emily Siu, Yvonne Ma

With the IBM Doc Buddy mobile app, you can search messages and codes issued from IBM Z products online and offline. You can also locate helpful Mainframe information (including blogs, videos, and IBM Knowledge Center topics) on the Doc Buddy App.

Metering and Capping on z/OS for Apache Spark
September 2017 | by Jessie Yu, Michael Gildein, Elpida Tzortzatos, Tom Rankin

The new Metering and Capping support allows the system capacity planner more granular control over CPU and memory consumption for various workloads and enables the system to host new workloads more easily. You can use this new support to ensure resource-hungry workloads, such as z/OS Platform for Apache Spark (z/OS Spark), coexist nicely alongside other production workloads.

IBM z13 Configuration Best Practices
August 2017 | by Kevin McKenzie

The end of Moore's Law has meant that hardware no longer gets free performance boosts every generation; instead, IBM provides capacity by increasing the number of engines, and by making architectural changes to both the hardware and software to make sure they work well together. Be sure to check out these configuration best practices.

IBM Machine Learning for z/OS Is Supported By Apache Spark
July 2017 | by Francois Puget, Mythili Venkatakrishnan

Businesses must constantly adapt to changing conditions: competitors introduce new offerings, consumer habits evolve, the economic and political environment change, etc. While this isn’t new, the velocity at which business conditions change is accelerating. This pace of change places a new burden on technology solutions developed for a business, creating a unique opportunity for machine learning, which is designed to address the fluid nature of these problems.

z/OS Hot Topics Content Has a New Home on
June 2017 | by Kathy Pfeiffer

We're excited to announce that Hot Topics articles (content formerly contained in the z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter) will now be hosted on the IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition, website from the Hot Topics landing page and shared across multiple distribution channels. Going digital allows us to connect with more of you and allows us to get information to you quickly.

Previous Hot Topics Newsletters

z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #30 August 2016 — 63.6 MB
z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #30 August 2016, Low Resolution — 8.0 MB

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z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #29 August 2015

Featured topics: Security.

The printed copy of z/OS Hot Topics, issue 29 has incorrect technical information in "Track down GRS requests with SMF" on page 30. The first two sentences have been revised and the paragraph under the topic for "Enter global resource serialization" has also been revised. The revised article is in the online PDF on this webpage.

Word Search:
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z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #28 August 2014

Featured topics: Smarter Computing with z/OS V2R1: cloud, analytics, mobile, social, and security.

z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #27 August 2013

Featured topics: z/OS V2R1, IBM zEnterprise, Flash Express, zAware, z/OSMF.

z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #26 August 2012

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z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #25 August 2011

Featured topic: z/OS: a smarter operating system for a Smarter Planet.

z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #24 January 2011

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z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #23 August 2010

Featured topic: Face to Face with business resiliency and problem determination.

z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #22 March 2010

Featured topic: Nothing gets past z/OS! Security and auditing.

Hot Spotlight articles
Hot Spotlight Our Hot Spotlight section features Web articles (not included in the latest issue of the z/OS Hot Topics newsletter) that provide great information on a host of System z topics.
Web Article
Driving home the mainframe memories: Forty-four years of disk-drive development (PDF 103KB) John Eells continues his mainframe retrospective with our third installment about the history of IBM disk drives.
Web Article
Ask Mr. Catalog: Answers to common ICF catalog questions (PDF 99KB)
Another in a set of questions and answers about catalogs from Stephen Branch, Mr. Catalog himself.

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