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z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #27
August 2013 GA32-0892-00

Featured topics: z/OS V2R1, IBM zEnterprise, Flash Express, zAware, z/OSMF

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z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #26
August 2012 GA22-7501-22

Featured topic:  The fine art of z/OS.

z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #25 August 2011

Featured topic: z/OS: a smarter operating system for a Smarter Planet.

z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #24 January 2011

Featured topic: zEnterprise gets you where you are going.

z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #23 August 2010

Featured topic: Face to Face with business resiliency and problem determination.

z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #22 March 2010

Featured topic: Nothing gets past z/OS! Security and auditing.

Hot Spotlight articles
Hot Spotlight Our Hot Spotlight section features Web articles (not included in the latest issue of the z/OS Hot Topics newsletter) that provide great information on a host of System z topics.
Web Article
Driving home the mainframe memories: Forty-four years of disk-drive development (PDF 103KB) John Eells continues his mainframe retrospective with our third installment about the history of IBM disk drives.
Web Article
Ask Mr. Catalog: Answers to common ICF catalog questions (PDF 99KB)
Another in a set of questions and answers about catalogs from Stephen Branch, Mr. Catalog himself.

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