z/OS user group requirements

z/OS Version 2 Release 1 user group requirements

User group requirements for all previous releases of z/OS

FITS Title
MR00024082 Multivolume dataset support
MR00027710 IEBCOPY Permit Partially Qualified Member Names
MR00027912 IEBCOPY should allow member select via prefix
MR00046388, MR0214076749 IEBCOPY Performance
MR00063819_1, MR00063819_2 MR0202113051, MR0618046038, MR0508025651, MR1016034736 Correct free space value immediately after adding a volume
MR00068400 LISTDSI for PDSE
MR00075492 DFSMSrmm: Option to allow ret./vaulting control via DSN 1 only
MR00075878 Dynamic addition/removal of JES3 spool volume
MR010709121, MR010709190 Bad FTP Performance due to LE I/O routines used
MR0112063923 LSPACE Currently returns reason code 0481040F when a volume is dismounted between the time when the LSPACE is issued.
MR0112065415 PDSE Space performance with Small members
MR011312549 The z/OS NFS Server does NOT reconnect to RPCBIND automatically.
MR0114103815 Support for JES3 and the so called "TS7700 DAA (Affinity List Processing)" Feature
MR011410447 DFSMShsm Support for multi-volume-datasets incrementes > 40
MR0118113116 IPSec tracing enhancements
MR0119114932 Enhancement of zFS performance
MR0122086824 Change asymmetric master key without disabling PKA Callable Services
MR0125112440 Allow RESOLVER to start if there is a bad GLOBALIPNODES or DEFAULTIPNODES file
MR0125114415 Request for making WLM Notepad larger
MR0127102552 Automount policy creation should support symbolics and cumulative updates in Master File
MR0127106749 Change automount with -a (append) to be a serialized operation
MR0201122455 zFS auditfid
MR0203033521  JES3 Dynamic Spool enhancement 
MR020309248 Add historical data of heartbeat times in OMPROUTE and TCPIP for diagnostics in determining OMPROUTE unresponsiveness for SYSPLEXMONITOR and enhance heartbeat monitor timer 
MR0205072212 Backup or migration of a large dataset to more than 40 volumes will fail in non IBM associated product environment.
MR0205111835 HSM: Make TAPECOPY restartable after a tape takeaway
MR0205111836 Automatically queue new Recycle
MR020511726 / SSISPF09001 SU command should show what uid is changed to
MR0208104140, MR0612023750 Support for >32K blksize & LBI in IDCAMS
MR0209051822, MR080310271 Processing/Syntax checking of TCPIP.PROFILE and TCPIP.DATA statements should be consistent
MR0210035755 Provide a Way to Know Which JES3 Jobs Use a Spool Extent.
MR021207670 Supply capability to dynamically increase directory cache size
MR0212091840 NaviQuest support for add, alter, delete of multiple volumes or volume ranges: 
MR0213081725 OpenPGP encryption shouldn't require write access to the keystore
MR021506553 Additional keyword MAILFROM in BPXWDYN
MR0219034844 Dynamically Add and Delete MCS Consoles (PUSC1201-390 )
MR0220075033  allow the user to control the permissions for a new zFS created by automount
MR0220075812 automount does not support HFS/ZFS placeholder
MR0221076555 2 Enhancements to COMPARE Edit Macro
MR0221116012 Rational Developer Z Temporary Dataset Name
MR0222114048  JES3 does not support ENF70 signal.
MR0225083244 TKE Usability Enhancement
MR0225115733, MR0613115016 SMTP server discards e-mail
MR0229125518 Allow >999 application environments in a WLM policy
MR030206405, MR0327065640, MR0427064148, MR0811042926, MR030206405, MR0517064752, MR120908626 OCE Partial Release Enhs for PS DS
MR0302064529 Enhance CSNBKTB and CSNBCVG services to set the CVV Key-A and CVV Key-B bits in the control vector.
MR0302074136 / SSMVSS07009 DS1DSCHA / DS1IND02 bit reset during Physical Restore
MR030304272 LISTDSI returns insufficient information for a PDSE.
MR0303112320, MR101910600 GDG Processing Enhs
MR0303112320, MR101910600, MR110805369 The order of processing GDG entries
MR0308107031 Display the member of the active IGDSMS that is currently being used in D SMS,OPTIONS output
MR0308123742 System SSL should support TLS V1.2
MR0309075951 ICSF Support of ANSI TR-31 Standard
MR0310107423 SYSTEM SSL: better error message for GSKKYMAN Setup
MR0310115537 Activate w/NOVALIDATE option
MR0310116510 Expand VSAMRLS option in RMF Monitor III to allow more than 25 data set masks
MR0311045252 Support for DISP=MOD in multi volume file
MR031307351, MR0503054140 Provide auditing support for NetAccess
MR0316074653 zfs support for large directories
MR031711647 SMF62 & SMF64 Enhancements
MR031910278 Catalog Search Interface Enhancement
MR0319103349 New RACDCERT command to validate the certificate CHAIN of a certificate
MR0321113318 Protect from data corruption exposure if MM Hyperswap event has occurred or the Mm has been suspended
MR0323075401, MR0323075401, MR0608041534, MR0617034610, MR0728034001, MR1009037144, MR1011074033, MR1218067353 Increasing HSM's tape spanning limit of 40 volumes
MR0323112024 BPXWDYN support of OUTPUT JCL sub-parameters
MR0324085811/ SSMVSE07010 Single Thread Logstream Dataset Allocation
MR0326026547 ABEND0C4 IECVEXPR + X'268' ACCESSING FREED DEB after ABEND13Es and/or ABEND878
MR0326073744 partially satisfied Implementation of a zFS console command to display quiesced aggregates
MR0326097246 KGUP support for importing MAC/MACVER keys
MR0327122226 Improvement of CF Async Service Time in Duplex DB2 Lock Structures in Dual ICF
MR0329106519 ISPF Client Gateway should provide an ENV VAR to specify the USS directory for the temporary session files.
MR0330113754  IPv4 INTERFACE statement enhancement
MR040110524 Finer-grained fragmentation attack checking
MR0401111557 Add support for DF/DSS dumps to the Problem Documenation Upload Utility (PDUU)
MR0402036941, MR0402016811, MR0707091658 DFSMS: IDCAMS needs to support RLS
MR0404062743 add a DSNTYPE of EXTREC to the BPXWDYN functionality
MR0405013439 LE CEEPIPI - multiple mains
MR0409106649 System REXX Support for BCPii
MR0410073045  z9 dynamic gens 
MR0411071950 IEBCOPY COPYMOD function no longer automatically pulls in aliases.
MR0412077000 LISTDSI Multivolume dataset support
MR0412113758 Provide an option to bypass compression if dataset to be sent is already compressed
MR041400724  Provide access to SPOOL utilization data.
MR0415101321 ICSF should not terminate at startup due to card problems
MR0416024838, MR0813043130, MR0813045544 FTP client USER EXITS
MR0416106856 OAM - Delete Object backups while retaining the Primary
MR0417095230 Allow for selective Packet trace disablement
MR0418071919 / SSMVSS07002 DFSMSdss: Do not reset DS1DSCHA bits on RESTORE FULL
MR0418115359 BPXWDYN - request to enable DCCPERMC via concat verb
MR0419066340 DISPLAY line command on ISMF panel DGTLGP22 does not work for a storage group list
MR042109292 Crosschecking between the BCS and VTOC contents is not possible
MR042109292 PDSE Processing
MR0422093426 Eliminate or reduce the 6040 condition
MR0423083753  VSAM RLS support for Dynamic Volume Count
MR0424063147 zFS exploitation of  osi_ctl(quiesce/unquiesce):
MR042611561 IEBCOPY and FAMS performance optimization
MR042706483 PDSE compaction or compression of the data in the data set
MR0428106327 DFSMShsm does not fully utilize all the space of a VTS 3490 virtual tape.
MR0428106327 Inter-record Gap
MR0428112911 AMS ALTER NULLIFY Mgmt Class
MR0429115942 / SSMVSE11007  Allow z/OS to use HMC integrated 3270 Console for NIP and MCS
MR0429115952, MR011911267 Separate Wait Time Limits For Batch Jobs; TSU; And STC.
MR0430104916 enhance automount command
MR0502086043 z/OS CSA and SQA Storage Fragmentation Health Check  
MR0502112231  Define LDAP Administrator as a RACF group
MR0503103028  OS group change on panel CBDPDVFZ
MR050511108 HCM explanatory message on load production IODF 
MR0506102902, MR061209922 Common Recall Queue Enhancement 
MR0506102902, MR061209922, MR0205111836 QUERY ACTIVE(TCB) 
MR0507086414 ICSF panel message CSFDS254 should provide more details as to whether the Key Change process can be continued.
MR0507101310 SHOWCB to display number of buffers in use
MR0510114748  HCR7780 Migration Health Check
MR0512101626 The "TKE crypto adapter logon ID" should be placed somewhere on the 'Trusted Key Entry Console' screen so that the user can determine if someone has already signed onto the TKE.
MR0520095510, MR0225094720 Prefer not to see IGD17054I or/and request that SMS provide a way to turn the messages on or off as desired
MR0521103557            Authorize SETSMF when NOPROMPT is specified 
MR0522084112, MR0924101951  OAM / ATAM coexistence modification
MR0522121211 Ability to dynamically activate new IODF via batch job
MR052212152 Add EAPPL% CP metric to DDS
MR052212152 JES Delay Report
MR0523023212, MR1107015959 IDCAMS must support LBI for blocksize greater than 32K
MR0524115618 TSO Logon Failure information
MR0525072634 Write to RACF database at TSO LOGOFF
MR0527045353 z/OS NEW heuristic Algorithm
MR0527092653 Directing Allocations to a Specific TS7720 / TS7740
MR0527095833 FTP enhancement when transferring files between z/OS systems
MR0530056542, MR0618034714 Would like support for I/O to undefined (RECFM=U) and variable length spanned (RECFM=VS or VBS) data sets using the REXX EXECIO
MR0531066511 Packet Trace and SSL connections
MR0601107258   Allow user specification of ephemeral port range
MR0602093952 TSO user with a segment logs off and obtains the SYSZRACF resource exclusively
MR060310157 Frequently used USS command for UNICODE data
MR0604021857 Provide an STGADMIN RACF profile for the use of DFSMSdss parameter RESET
MR0604071653 Ability to release the overallocated, unused space in a PDSE that is no longer required, after members have been deleted.
MR060507497 check for quiesced needs external control
MR0607062614 enhance automount with "uppercase" keyword in .map files 
MR0607113316 RMF Mon II Report to show 64 bit common area
MR0608105151 TKE should have an access control point to protect the CNM application.
MR0608107335 TKE should have an access control point to protect each of the CREATE, CHANGE, DELETE, OPEN, VIEW & CHECK crypto group functions.
MR061109545 Enhance processing to support large numbers of shared memory mutexes and condition variables
MR0612091229  Have EE on IPv6 to support IPADDR
MR0614062824, MR0130077159, MR0813021631, MR0508081441  Allow configuration control of key TCP protocol timers/controls
MR061409394 / MR0227034310 DFSMSrmm VRSEL long running
MR0614114611 Support Multiple TSO/E LOGON within a JESplex
MR061609400 DFHSM flashcopy pairing preference server
MR0621072246 IXC335I serial number
MR0622107139 Allow delete of PDS member using masking characters using IDCAMS
MR0626081122 Decimalization Tables ciphering and PIN block format restriction
MR0706073325 Have predefined SYSTEM SYMBOLIC to represent Operating System Level
MR0707091658, MR0402016811, MR0402036941, MR1004051839  IDCAMS Support for RLS
MR070912604, MR0705126224, MR0523122720, MR0329126546, MR0214123217, MR0117111924 DFS/SMB server does not support W2008 / WINDOWS 2008.
MR071511715 AT-TLS should have option to be configured to check for ICSF availability
MR0718031915 CLASS= in Job Card not overridden by //*MAIN CLASS=
MR072012681 Enable to change the ASYNC/SYNC threshold value for the IRLM Lock structure
MR0721036810 Correct free space value LISTVOL versus LISTSYS
MR0726111730 Enhance XCF to rebuild the structures when it can't communicate to old CF's
MR0729083257 NFS Storage constraint relief, use of dataspaces
MR0729103550 Enhance visibility of the ISPF SWAPBAR feature
MR073107515 VLF Health Check
MR0801115843  Request the functionality to write a path length constraint extension when signing a certificate signing request that has key usage of certificate signing. 
MR0802116123 Provide method of turning on packet trace via NMI (Network Management Interface)
MR0804052312 BPXWDYN information retrieval functions
MR0804104629 IDCAMS DIAGNOSE of GDG Crosscheck Extension Cell
MR0806092623, MR0304035212, MR0102044109, MR1115024713 LISTDSI IKJLDI00 performs redundant RACROUTE
MR0807096936 UID on automount
MR0808073557 BPXWDYN does not accept keyword arguments containing single quotes as characters
MR0810104514 BPXWDYN support for USERLIB key with OUTDES
MR0812112126 SHA-2 support in WebSphere MQ for IBM z
MR0816053118 Premature Release of DEB
MR0816114211 SMS will reflect the updated space statistics on the SMS-plex(production)
MR0817073150 Allow multiple SMPE dialogs for unrelated zones
MR0819093415  Administration Segregation inside the same PKI instance
MR0819106422 Need external indication of automount mount failures
MR0823111626 z/OS PKI should be compliant with RFC4523
MR0824066839 BPXWDYN does not support AVGREC keyword
MR0825114734  Digital certificates Subject's name not unloaded by RACF utility IRRDBU00 
MR0827092716 Need VRS option to override default MV VRS
MR0827103156 Data in panel ISRUDSM prompt field should be available to TSO REXX exec. 
MR0902034635 IEBCOPY design change for PDSE member copy
MR0902053025 Data returned by SAPI interface (JES2/JES3)
MR0907061813 HFS/ZFS needs to update the data set change flag
MR0910011752 / SSISPF01105 ISPF: Enhance COMPARE command to specify uncataloged datasets
MR0910011758 Add Operator Command 'DISPLAY PPT' or 'DISPLAY SCHED'
MR0914117635, SSMVSS11010  Remove line limit for PDSE members
MR0915095555, MR050709267 DSNTYPE=LIBRARY Should Generate PDSE
MR0915113748 Recording time of LDAP operatioins monitor
MR092010368 Provide a way to modify ACCBIAS during OPEN
MR092106544 Code change requirement of Multivolume DASD dataset allocation
MR0924096014 Eliminate message IGD17227I or provide some control to turn it off
MR0929062934 Improve Network Monitor Interface - SYSTCPDA interface (combine packet trace and SMF Tcp connection records)
MR0929116013  Enhance the message IEF032I to record above the bar storage usage
MR0930086345 Spanned record support in EXECIO
MR0930096444  Request to have BCPii support REXX
MR100103116, MR1024052424, MR0507085057 New Tape Library 'SETTLIB' parm for CBROAMxx
MR1003083423 Suppressing the CSFM122I message.
MR1004051839  Vsam rls Batch access
MR1004103749 Determine the correct type when the catalog alias is symbolic.
MR1006034529 Need to allow an ENQ of EXCL to be downgraded to SHR within the job.
MR101007563 Allow concatenation of an empty (with EOF) dataset when using REXX EXECIO
MR1011075120 DFSMShsm Fast Replication
MR1011075120 DFSMShsm FRRECOV DSNAME option to restore to a different dataset name
MR1012064556  Allow the CSNBCTT callable service to function on the z990 and z9.
MR1013111323 Hcd OSCONFIG listing should not give an offline status for 3390D pprc secondary devices
MR1014092527 ICSF to support RSA-OAEP using SHA-256 hash algorithm
MR1020084712 / SSSHARE01633 JES3 Dump Job (DJ) support for dumping jobs by spool dataset
MR1024052424, MR050708505 Suppress CBR3620I & CBR3621I (the entry ignored messages)
MR1024073055 / GGZOS07003 Automount not supporting HFS/zFS placeholder
MR1024073757 LISTDSI function should be enhanced to add PDSE support on the SYSUSED variable.
MR1028051829 Salvager Performance
MR1030083315 To provide a way to decode SSL packet in a packet trace (SYSTCPDA) in z/OS Communication Server
MR1031085629 Socket Creation Timestamp
MR1102115721 Display CF Command Extension for Infiniband
MR1103095858 Request IOEAGSLV to report progress during running and improve performance
MR1104111431 BCPii Rexx API support in authorized address spaces
MR1104114639 Allow placement of cpoprovider.properties somewhere other than in /etc
MR1105103641 TSO/VTAM translation of data
MR1107076219 EXECIO abend information is not returned to the invoking REXX exec.
MR110711683 HCD - Filter graphical CU report by processor
MR1107117232 Unconditional generation of DR site OS configurations
MR1109006958 Selective Retransmission for TCP (aka TCP SACK)
MR1109115943 Delay in execution of Notify Exit after message completion
MR1112083224 / MR121608613 Prevent migration of Data Set after HSM fails to move to ML2 caused by ARC0352I
MR111710598   RACF Pending Expiry Certificate Health Check
MR1118086944 MVS Command to terminate a task within an address space 
MR1118094849 Logger needs to update the LOGR CDS for each offload to the offload datasets.
MR1118115743   Duplicated IpDataOffer & IpDynVpnAction statements are created for each reference of these statements by the Configuration Assistant
MR1119075914 DFSMSdss RESTORE FULL DSCHA bit based on DUMP RESET
MR1119091943 SIZE parameter decrease in OSREQ macro
MR1121112014 z/OS CSA Storage shortages due to SYSMDUMP DD cards
MR1122051618 IEBCOPY to support member level copy for special character member names.
MR1125043925 BPXWDYN should check if dataset is on specified volume
MR1126073610  ICSF should make use of PRNG on CPACF
MR1130106414 Check for quiesced needs external control
MR1130106415 partially satisfied Need list of which ZFS is quiesced in message IOEZ00581E
MR1201042016, MR0501062225   More Details in OMPRoute Messages
MR1201093124, SSMVSE09005, MR0316092911 Provide new or updated (CANCEL) Operator command to CANCEL a TCB
MR1201094139 Volumes offline, XDELPAIR fails after XSTART, unable to locate UCBs
MR1202052453 Record discarded packets in SYSTCPDA CTRACE - add UDP and RAW support
MR1202104948  TSO REXX - EXECIO For RECFM=U Datasets
MR1204092522 Provide an IBM product offering to replace CA PDSMAN
MR120909330 Reduce or avoid exclusive ENQUEUE on RACF DB at TSO LOGOFF
MR1214071949 Increase HSM's tape spanning limit of 40 volumes
MR1215052134 / DSOSXD03002 ARC1348i maximum volumes reached
MR1215093545, MR0302066525 Recycle option for failed alternate tapes 
MR1215093545, MR0302066525, MR0205111835;  DFSMShsm RAS Usability
MR1216104641 Provide TRACK information in Catalog Search Interface (CSI)
MR1222061539 Enhance output from 'D OMVS,F' command
MR1222101948 New separate ICSF service to retrieve operational keys from key part registers required
MR122410229 MVS/XA Enhance Message IEF473I
MR22210248, MR0410093628, MR0113056612, MR1215113517 OCE RAS Enhs
SSMVSE10004, MR0715106332 Allow symbols to be changed without an IPL
SSMVSS11008 32-Bit File Block ID Internal Infrastructure, REUSE Capacity
SSMVSS11008 Update Reuse Capacity Periodically
SSNETW08005 Allow NFS to rebind to new RPCBIND if RPCBIND fails and restarts
SSSHARE018333 VLF - Provide Capability to Dynamically Modify VLF
MR0719116454 HZSPRNT utility: support for more than 100 characters
MR0906116134 AllowDynSev feature for Health Checker for z/OS V1R13
MR00068922                   Print Sysouts > 236 bytes without truncation
MR0112056154, MR0701091510   Print to WRITER 
MR0415115434                 Allow JESPLex scope instead of sysplex scope
MR00076734                   Use of variables in SDSF Filter command     
MR00071149                   ULOG create separate console each session       
MR032607709 Improve MCSOPER error messages  
MR0528074832 Multiple logon support
MR0707091927                 SDSF provide jobname on print pop-up     
MR0222124335 Limit DA scope to current JES2 MAS and not the sysplex
MR020613535 OUTPUT JCL Not Honored
MR020613534 Converter Support for JECL cards and $HASP Messages
MR020613532 Provide for more than 36 JES2 job classes
MR020613531 JES OUTPUT JESDS Processing When Job Fails Before Execution
MR00073819 JES2 command to display parmlib members used - New $D INITINFO
MR1028045214 $D INITINFO command
MR00068848   JES2 does not provide job class protection.
MR0114056256 access to  a pdse immediatley after it is removed from a JES2 dynamic proclib concatenation
MR0128045054 Add a parameter to the Extended Status to return the next Checkpoint version 
MR0215104138 Suppress display of duplicate data sets in SDSF
MR0427112926, MR0809044441 SAPI $#POST improvements
MR0227073432 Task should be able to allocate more than 10 millions datasets
MR0214116532 SSI does not provide system name for NJE'd or reloaded jobs
MR013013543 RACDCERT command should provide a way to list out the complete signature chain of a given certificate

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