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The December 2015 refresh of z/OS V2R2 PDF documentation is now available:

IBM z/OS V2R2 Product Documentation available:

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Please note: z/OS Library Centers have been replaced by z/OS Information Centers starting with z/OS V1R11. Information Centers are indexed by Google and other search engines which make finding z/OS documentation even easier.

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Obtain the latest updates to z/OS elements and features documentation.

z/OS licensed publications

Beginning with z/OS V1R7.0, there are no longer any z/OS elements and features licensed manuals. z/OS elements and features manuals that were licensed in previous z/OS releases have been declassified for z/OS V1R7.0 and you can find them with the rest of the z/OS V1R7.0 unlicensed manuals.

For z/OS releases prior to z/OS V1R7.0, licensed users can obtain the licensed books for z/OS by ordering the z/OS Licensed Product Library collection (LK3T-4307).

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