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Review testimonials from z Systems ISVs to find out why they are excited by IBM z/OS. Find out how the features and enhancements help support their application requirements as well as their customers' business needs!


ASTCO Ltd.Advanced Software Technologies Co. (link resides outside
The added functionality and powerful architectural enhancements of z/OS 2.2, with further increased power, memory capability, and parallelism, will result in significantly-increased throughput and scalability over the entire range of z13 processors, enabling comfortable support of the ever-increasing quantity of on-demand mobile transactions.

Andi Tepper, Director

ASGASG (link resides outside
ASG welcomes the new features of the IBM z13 hardware and the new version of z/OS V2.2 which provide an increasingly compelling value proposition to our customers. ASG and IBM will continue to work together to deliver unmatched business value for our clients’ modern mainframe performance, workload and application management needs.

Steve Leverett, VP Line of Business


bmcBMC Software (link resides outside
BMC Software is passionately committed to innovation in support of the mainframe platform, the most reliable, cost-efficient, high performing, and secure infrastructure platform on the planet. We applaud IBM’s continued investment in the z Systems capabilities and are proud to be an early adopter of the z/OS v2.2 release, the latest evidence of IBM’s strong commitment to the platform. BMC’s innovations in Mainframe Cost Optimization, Data Management for DB2 and IMS, and MainView monitoring solutions, are ensuring that IBM customers will achieve maximum value from the platform as they transform to digital enterprises. All BMC mainframe solutions are fully tested and ready on Day 1 of this release.

Bill Miller, President, ZSolutions Optimization (ZSO)

B.O.S.B.O.S. Software Service (link resides outside
We have been supporting IBM hardware and operating systems since the early days of B.O.S. Software. Our commitment to our world wide customer base ensures our support of IBM's state-of-the-art operating systems. z/OS V2.2 and the latest z13 servers are typical representations of IBM's innovative product line. Functions and features of z/OS V2.2 are supported by the solutions provided by B.O.S. Software. We continue helping our customers across the globe to leverage their investment in mainframe data for the demanding importance of Cloud Computing, Big Data, SOA, Hadoop, Business Intelligence and real-time Analytics.

Peter Horbach, Manager Business Development


CA TecnologiesCA Technologies (link resides outside
The new IBM z13 continues to run the apps that drive the global economy with speed, scale and efficiency unmatched in the industry. The new features in z/OS 2.2 enable customers to keep up with the growth in web utilization and the unpredictable loads driven by new mobile applications without disruptions. This new operating system, enhanced with CA solutions, provides organizations with an opportunity to take advantage of a highly scalable platform and compete in the Application Economy. We look forward to our continued partnership with IBM on this important business platform.

David Hodgson, General Manager, Mainframe

Can Do Systems Can Do Systems (link resides outside
Working with IBM enabled us to test and employ the latest innovative technologies made available by IBM z/OS V2.2, in the ongoing development of our date simulator product, TICTOC.

Romy Leibler, Corporate Director

Colesoft Colesoft Marketing Inc. (link resides outside
ColeSoft Marketing Inc. is excited to offer day one support within our z/XDC product for IBM's new SIMD instruction set, available with
z System's new z13 processor. z/XDC is the development and debugging tool of choice for Assembler programmers, and we have a long history of immediate support for z System architectural changes so that our customers can more quickly create their own product enhancements.
IBM’s commitment to extending the reach and value of the z System platform is integral to the success of our entire industry, and ColeSoft is here to support our customers as they exploit the power of new architectures!

Calin Cole, Vice President

Compuware (link resides outside
The IBM z13 and z/OS V2.2 will provide the essential foundation for the mainframe to be the platform for innovation. With state-of-the-art optimization and performance using the latest vector and multi-threading technologies, customers can advance their COBOL and DB2 applications to compete in the digital economy. And, with Compuware’s traditional products along with our newest innovative solution, Topaz, mainframe developers of all skill levels can understand and work with complex programs and enterprise data using intuitive interfaces.

Chris O’Malley, CEO


GTS SoftwareGFS (link resides outside
As a long-time partner of IBM, our company has always worked towards the evolution of the performance and capabilities of its systems.
IBM’s new z/OS V2.2 will help us to maintain and expand our lifelong relationship with our customers, as they highlight the values we are committed to delivering: data integrity, high-level security and superior performance.

Pedro Figueiroa, Executive Director


Hostbridge Technology HostBridge Technology (link resides outside
HostBridge Technology provides high-performance, high-precision integration software for IBM® z Systems™ and CICS®. Many of the z/OS v2r2 enhancements will allow us to correspondingly enhance our products in significant ways. Specifically, the UNIX System Services, XL C/C++ and real storage enhancements will be of immediate value to HostBridge and our customers.

Russ Teubner, CEO

HPHP Security Voltage (link resides outside
The release of z/OS 2.2 demonstrates IBM’s continued commitment to its flagship mainframe operating system, and HP Security Voltage looks forward to continuing to help z/OS shops protect their enterprise data using the easiest, lowest-impact, most secure standards-based encryption and tokenization methods available, through HP Security Voltage z/Protect.

Mark Bower, Global Director – Product Management


Innovation Data ProcessingInnovation Data Processing (link resides outside
The new IBM z/OS V 2.2 operating system, enhanced by INNOVATION data protection and business continuance solutions, help z Systems customers achieve the highest level of business resiliency at the lowest possible cost, providing customers with the most reliable foundation imaginable, as they scale their business applications to reach for the cloud. INNOVATION Data Processing customers will find, as usual, we are there with first day support for the new z/OS V2.2 operating system.

Thomas J. Meehan, Vice President

Interchip AGInterchip AG (link resides outside
Interchip AG is proud to extend its support for IBM mainframe users to z/OS 2.2 systems. Our RealTime Defrag (RTD) family of storage space optimization software for z/OS and DB2 provides increasingly added value as systems face dramatic growth both in computing and storage requirements. Storage related enhancements in z/OS 2.2 contribute to our goal of delivering more information faster to our mutual clients.

Alexander Buschmann, CTO

InterscopeIntercope (link resides outside
Intercope provides messaging software for financial customers who need to exchange information with business partners, handle payments and process deals. Reliability and availability are of the essence, and z/OS and the mainframe have proved themselves to deliver the throughput, performance and security needed for mission critical applications. z Systems is the first choice for our customers because of its highly reliable and available infrastructure.
z Systems and z/OS offers the best of both worlds: allowing us to leverage the value of mainframe virtualization and support new programming models and technologies at lower cost.

Reinhart Laumer, Founder and CEO

Information Technology CompanyInformation Technology Company, LLC (link resides outside
z Systems still rule the world as the best platform for enterprise computing, and ITC fully supports the new z13 hardware platform and z/OS 2.2 across all product lines for application development. Encompassing the IBM Rational RD&T z/OS development environment for commercial customers as well as the ISV development community, our System ReDD™ and Ultimate Personal Development Tool (uPDT™) have been tested with the latest IBM z/OS software and fully certified for operation. Low cost of acquisition coupled with state-of-the-art IBM technology combines to provide a compelling ROI strategy for mainframe data centers.

Stan H King, Chief Technology Officer


Logic On Line Inc. (link resides outside
If you’re doing legacy modernization RIPPLE-TRAC is the tool to use. Considered the best of breed by the top financial and health companies in North America. z/OS Version 2.2 provides even more information to RIPPLE-TRAC than ever possible in previous versions of z/OS. This speed up projects and provides a wealth of additional information. LogicOnline is excited to see our customers install this new version of z/OS V2.2.

Dan Boucher Sr, Founder/CEO


Micro Focus Micro Focus (link resides outside
Micro Focus delivers application insight, development and test solutions for the IBM mainframe environment. IBM z/OS 2.2 and the new IBM z13 Mainframe deliver unprecedented power and scale for business critical application workload. Micro Focus, a proud and long-standing IBM z Systems partner, is very pleased to support this latest generation of IBM mainframe technology.

Derek Britton, Director, Solution Marketing

MVS Solutions Inc. MVS Solutions Inc. (link resides outside
We are proud that ThruPut Manager running on z/OS V2.2 and the z13 platform provides our mutual customers with greater batch performance and cost savings than ever before.

Bob Binns, CEO


NewEra 25 Years New Era (link resides outside
NewEra Software eagerly awaits the availability of z/OS V2R2. NewEra will provide same-day support for V2R2 as it has for every new release of z/OS. The enhancements IBM will deliver makes z/OS the right choice for organizations dependent on unparalleled uptime, reliability and securability, just as NewEra Software’s Image Control Environment (ICE) helps its customers create and maintain a highly available, safer and more secure environment for their business applications. NewEra’s New Release Analysis tool will make the upgrade to V2R2 faster and less costly by aiding in the research, planning and testing of z/OS V2R2.

Jerry Seefeldt, Director of Strategic Partnerships


PerfTechPro PerfTechPro (link resides outside
PerfTechPro zAnalytics™ on z/OS helps our joint customers combine the scale and performance of z/OS with the ability to plan growth effectively and easily. PerfTechPro zAnalytics offers exceptional, cost effective Capacity Planning and Performance Measurement software that helps customers easily plan for capacity growth, allowing them to take full advantage of the new enhancements that z/OS V2.2 provides.

Bill Hart, Vice President

Phoenix Software International Phoenix Software International (link resides outside
From what I've seen so far, z/OS V2.2 will exceed customer expectations. Great work IBM!

Ed Jaffe, Chief Technology Officer

PKWARE PKWARE (link resides outside
PKWARE is excited to leverage the latest innovations in IBM zEDC hardware accelerated data compression and cryptographic services along with z/OS support. Customers with IBM z Systems mainframes and z/OS can reduce operating costs and achieve significant performance improvements with PKZIP and SecureZIP for z/OS.

Michael Stebner, Director, Large Platform Engineering


QMSI Postal Software QMSI (link resides outside
QMSI has been a long term supporter of IBM Mainframe technology and the advent of z13 hardware and the new z/OS V2.2 Operating System provides us with an even better opportunity to create products that further help our mutual clients do Online or Batch Postal Processing and/or Mailing, which exploit the benefits of both.
Performance is what drives our development processes ... and we are confident our customers will welcome and embrace the incredible gains they will realize by taking advantage of these new platform advances and the new enhancements QMSI can create, which run on the mainframe exclusively!

Tim Gregerson, Vice President


Rocket Rocket Software (link resides outside
At Rocket Software, we are committed to mainframe innovation, customer success, and the global z Systems community. The z13, along with z/OS 2.2, provides a number of advancements in on-platform analytics, next-generation storage architectures, rock-solid secure computing, and capacity to meet customer demands. We couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this family for the last 25 years – and we look forward to many more years of supporting and advancing mainframe investments all around the world.

Bryan F. Smith , VP of R&D and Chief Technology Officer

rsd n RSD (link resides outside
RSD builds long term relationship with its customers with the desire to deliver innovative solutions to serve their daily challenges. The z/OS V2.2 announcement and IBM ongoing commitment to extend capabilities of its mainframe platform and deliver innovative operating system features, provides an opportunity for RSD to continue our investment in our EOS offering and to bring more value for our customers around the world.

Francois Chazalon, VP Global Marketing


SAS SAS (link resides outside
With IBM's new z/OS V2.2 release, SAS now directly supports zHPF for significantly faster access to SAS data libraries. Additional hardware improvements available with the z13 provides CPU, memory and file system performance enhancements that look very promising for our customers running data intensive SAS® Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions on the mainframe. Partners for more than 35 years, SAS and IBM remain dedicated to deliver SAS solutions on IBM industry leading infrastructure for the benefit of our customers.

Cheryl Doninger, Senior Director, SAS Research and Development

Serena Serena (link resides outside
With over 2,500 enterprise customers, Serena is the largest independent application lifecycle management (ALM) vendor. Serena’s products can be found in the majority of the Fortune 100 companies. These large enterprises rely heavily on the rigor, scalability, and unrivaled security of IBM z Systems and the z/OS operating system as well as Serena’s ChangeMan ZMF, SSM, Comparex and StarTool products.
Serena works in collaboration with IBM and our mutual customers in support of z/OS 2.2 and embraces these latest innovations from IBM as these capabilities extend to the mobile generation with notable uplifts in transactional and analytic capabilities while maintaining its ever-present focus on unparalleled security.

Al Slovacek, Vice President, Mainframe Products

ServicePilot ServicePilot (link resides outside
IBM’s z/OS is at the heart of many of our clients’ businesses. Coupled with ServicePilot’s z/OS monitoring solution, we believe that the improved features and functions of the new z/OS 2.2 will allow enterprises to achieve levels of application and network performance that will in turn bring significant improvements for their users.

Bertrand Mahé, President

Software AG Software AG (link resides outside
Software AG has performed compatibility testing on IBM’s z/OS V2.2 operating system against the latest releases of the Adabas and Natural family of products. The features of z/OS V2.2 such as large memory support delivers the scalability and data capabilities that we can use to drive more value into our solutions. Software AG is pleased to announce our support of the z/OS V2.2 system.

Bruce Beaman, Senior Director, Adabas and Natural Product Marketing

Syspertec Interactive By Design Syspertec (link resides outside
Syspertec continues to exploit the features of IBM’s mainframe operating system and today we look forward to the new features that z/OS 2.2 will deliver. Of particular interest will be the improved autonomics, providing better HA for critical applications, and the SSL enhancements to better support mobile technologies. Coupled with the z13 announcement, z/OS 2.2 will deliver an IT platform that will provide our customers with performance, integrity and scalability in today’s global marketplace.

Ed Holt, Developer


UNICOM Systems Enterprise Software Solutions Unicom Global (link resides outside
UNICOM Global have a proud heritage in supporting the IBM mainframe for almost 50 years. Our zEnterprise solutions continue to be a cornerstone of our business and help to transform and optimize customer systems and processes. We also maintain a strong commitment to exploiting the power of mobile and web technologies, facilitated by IBM’s z13 hardware and the latest z/OS 2.2 release. UNICOM Global and IBM will continue to work together to deliver innovative enterprise class solutions and services for our clients around the world.

Larry Lawler, Chief Technology Officer


zCost Management zCost Management (link resides outside
zCost Management actively supports the IBM z Systems ecosystem. As a result of a close collaboration with IBM, we ensure our products use and exploit the z/OS2.2 enhancements. Our customers expect to maximize the benefits of the latest technology. zCost Management is therefore continuously working to innovate by investing in the z Systems platform.

Jacky Hofbauer, Founder

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