New Function APARs for the z/OS Platform

When new function APARs are introduced in the IBM service stream, you can find them collected here in a convenient reference format. You can use this information to review the latest enhancements from IBM and determine which ones to implement.

The files below:

  • Provide brief descriptions and links to the new function APARs for a given period (one year or five years)
  • Include information about closed APARs with closed PTFs, if available on the date of file creation
  • Are sorted by APAR close date with the most recent APARs appearing at the top of the file.

The files are available in two formats for your convenience:

  • Browser-ready, web table (HTML). Save this file to your workstation, then click it to display the information in a web page.
  • Comma-separated values (CSV). Save this file to your workstation, then import it into a spreadsheet program. The file uses semi-colons for delimiting items; you might need to indicate the use of this delimiter in your spreadsheet program.    

The files are updated about every month. See the file content for the date of the most recent update.

File for download For use with...
New function APARs for the past 12 months (HTML) Web browser
New function APARs for the past five years (HTML) Web browser
New function APARs for the past five years (CSV) Spreadsheet program

The files are provided as-is. There are no warranties of any kind, and there is no service or technical support available for these from IBM.

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