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people "...[is] a great help for the younger z/OS system programmers..."

The z/OS Management Facility initiative has been expanded with a number of new functions available with z/OS V1.13. This product shows great promise of being a great help for the younger z/OS system programmers, who may not have many years of experience with the platform.

Bertil Andersson, Senior Enterprise IT Architect, Svenska Handelsbanken

people " a 'must have' for the system programmers of tomorrow..."

The IBM z/OS Management Facility is the most important new facility since the Workload Manager and Parallel Sysplex. Every z/OS staff should be planning for their z/OSMF implementation now. This is a 'must have' for the system programmers of tomorrow (or even today).

Cheryl Watson, President of Watson & Walker, Inc.

people "...saves me time and effort..."

As a long time system programmer who is used to do doing things the traditional way, I especially like the Incident Log task in z/OSMF. It provides me with a streamlined and automated single point of control for managing SVC dumps across my sysplex. From a consolidated view of all incidents that have occurred, it saves me time and effort in gathering and transmitting the necessary data that is needed by the vendor to resolve the problem. Problem determination management has never been easier.

Jerry Miastkowski, Sr. Systems Engineer, Sirius Computer Solutions

people "...the time consuming data preparation... is done automatically."

We are using z/OSMF since the first available version. In the beginning, we used z/OSMF to share the link function with individual / internal web applications centrally for all mainframe folks. Regardless of which workstation or PC our staff uses, all colleagues keep the latest version of available web application. The maintenance is done centrally and is always up to date for all users. At the moment, 60 different links are defined to various HMC, Storage Management (DS8300) and Support Portals of individual suppliers.

z/OSMF incident management is also used extensively. Thus, the documents such as system dumps, syslog, logrec, etc. are not only used for IBM products, but also for the transmission of data to third party manufacturers. This function saves working time, as the time consuming data preparation, including packing, is done automatically.

The deployment of all software products from Plex A to Plex B (in the latest version) is also a work relief and the whole process is automatically logged for further research.

Our z/OS division for Security Monitoring and Storage Administration includes only 3 jobholders. z/OSMF increased the professionalism and usability to handle a big environment (19 systems) with a small amount of employees.

Another notable tool is the TCPIP Configuration Assistant. As we implemented RRSF (RACF remote sharing Facility) over TCPIP with z/OS V1R13, we created the 'AT-TLS Policy Agent Configuration' with the TCPIP Configuration Assistant in a very serviceable way.

Kurt Gantner, VRSG, Switzerland

people "...provides us with essential system resilience."

Cloning our production systems to deploy software previously took days. With z/OSMF it is much easier, and can be completed in a matter of a few hours. Though this is only an occasional requirement, this feature provides us with essential system resilience. In the nuclear industry, this is a strong benefit.

Paulo César do Nascimento, Senior Support Analyst for z/OS and SAP, Eletronuclear

people "...has greatly simplified the daily work of a system programmer."

We are using z/OSMF primarily for Workload Management (WLM) and z/OS Communication Server purposes. The WLM component is amazing. It simplifies the maintenance of the WLM policy and makes it much easier to review and update. It also alerts us to warnings and errors in our policy. The Configuration Assistant is being utilized for z/OS Communication Server AT-TLS and IPSec configuration. We are also using Incident Log, which seamlessly retrieves error data and sends it to IBM for analysis. This function has greatly simplified the daily work of a system programmer.

Large government customer

people "...has helped me to become more productive in my new role..."

Being relatively new to the Systems Programming role, IBM’s z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF) has helped my role as a systems programmer, by providing a web browser based tool that brings together some routine day-to-day operations and administration of z/OS systems into one simple to use web interface. Using z/OSMF has helped me to become more productive in my new role as a systems programmer.

Government agency (Europe)

people "...[is] easy to use..."

My z/OSMF migration from V1R11 to V1R13 went very smoothly!

Of all the new features in V1R13, I was particularly interested in the new Software Deployment capability for cloning and deploying software. I found it easy to use and especially liked that it supports any SMP/E installed product. I plan to use it with our ISV products.

Information technology and marketing services

people " very efficient."

We are using z/OSMF 1.12 and the Incident Log function is very efficient. After entering the PMR number, the diagnostic data were sent in just a few clicks!

Large equipment manufacturer

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