Software Management

To help simply the management of your z/OS® platform software, z/OSMF provides the Software Management task (previously called Software Deployment 1), which allows you to view, inspect, deploy, and create reports about your z/OS platform software.

Screen capture of the main page in the Software Management task.

With the Software Management task, you can:

  • Define your software to z/OSMF in the form of a software instance, which can contain any software that is SMP/E packaged and installed. For example, a software instance can contain:
    • IBM software installed from ServerPac, CBPDO, or fee-based installation offerings
    • ISV software
    • z/OS operating system and related products
    • Subsystems, such as DB2®, CICS®, and IMS™, and their related products
    • User written software
    • Service upgrades for all of the above (via complete replacement)
  • View a list of the products, features, FMIDs, and data sets included in your software
    instances. 2
  • Create 2, print 3, and export 3 reports about your software and installed products. You can generate reports to:
    • Identify software products that are approaching or have reached end of service support.
    • Validate the SMP/E structure and content of a software instance.
    • Identify missing HIPER and PE fixes, and fixes associated with one or more fix categories.
    • Determine if individual fixes are installed and in which software instances.
    • Compare the service and functional content of two software instances to aid in debugging or migration planning.
  • Use a set of Representational State Transfer (REST) services to create and manage software instances programmatically.4  For more details, see IBM z/OS Management Facility Programming Guide, SA32-1066, in the IBM Publications Center.
Screen capture of the End of Service report.

Cloning and Deploying Software

The Software Management task also provides a simplified process for cloning and deploying z/OS platform software and maintenance. The software deployment process is a valuable addition to, or even possible replacement for, existing in-house software deployment tools.

This process, which is implemented as a checklist, codifies the IBM® recommended route for z/OS platform software deployment, helps reduce the incidence of errors during the installation of a deployment process, and ultimately helps reduce the skills needed for deploying z/OS platform software.

With the deployment capability, you can:

  • Copy an instance of SMP/E installed software and save it on DASD volumes shared within the same sysplex (local deployment) or on DASD volumes accessible to another sysplex (remote deployment).
  • Use FTP or OpenSSH secure FTP (SFTP) 5 to perform remote deployments.
  • View, submit, and cancel the jobs generated for a deployment, and view and purge the job output. 5
Screen capture of the deployment checklist.


As of z/OSMF V1R13 with APAR PM73833, the name of the Software Deployment task was changed to Software Management and the task was enhanced to provide additional actions on instances of SMP/E installed software.
This capability is provided as of z/OSMF V1R13 with APAR PM73833.
This capability is provided as of z/OSMF V2R1.
This capability is provided as of z/OSMF V2R1 with APAR PI32158.
This capability is provided as of z/OSMF V2R1 with APAR PI20151.

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