Software Management

To help simply the management of your z/OS® platform software, z/OSMF provides the Software Management task (previously called Software Deployment 1), which allows you to view, inspect, deploy, and create reports about your z/OS platform software.

Screen capture of the main page in the Software Management task.

With the Software Management task, you can:

  • Define your software to z/OSMF in the form of a software instance, which can contain any software that is SMP/E packaged and installed. For example, a software instance can contain:
    • IBM software installed from ServerPac, CBPDO, or fee-based installation offerings
    • ISV software
    • z/OS operating system and related products
    • Subsystems, such as DB2®, CICS®, and IMS™, and their related products
    • User written software
    • Service upgrades for all of the above (via complete replacement)
  • View a list of the products, features, FMIDs, and data sets included in your software
    instances. 2
  • Create 2, print 3, and export 3 reports about your software and installed products. You can generate reports to:
    • Identify software products that are approaching or have reached end of service support.
    • Validate the SMP/E structure and content of a software instance.
    • Identify missing HIPER and PE fixes, and fixes associated with one or more fix categories.
    • Determine if individual fixes are installed and in which software instances.
    • Compare the service and functional content of two software instances to aid in debugging or migration planning.
Screen capture of the End of Service report.

Cloning and Deploying Software

The Software Management task also provides a simplified process for cloning and deploying z/OS platform software and maintenance. The software deployment process is a valuable addition to, or even possible replacement for, existing in-house software deployment tools.

This process, which is implemented as a checklist, codifies the IBM® recommended route for z/OS platform software deployment, helps reduce the incidence of errors during the installation of a deployment process, and ultimately helps reduce the skills needed for deploying z/OS platform software.

With the deployment capability, you can:

  • Copy an instance of SMP/E installed software and save it on DASD volumes shared within the same sysplex (local deployment) or on DASD volumes accessible to another sysplex (remote deployment).
  • Use FTP or OpenSSH secure FTP (SFTP) 4 to perform remote deployments.
  • View, submit, and cancel the jobs generated for a deployment, and view and purge the job output. 4
Screen capture of the deployment checklist.


As of z/OSMF V1R13 with APAR PM73833, the name of the Software Deployment task was changed to Software Management and the task was enhanced to provide additional actions on instances of SMP/E installed software.
This capability is provided as of z/OSMF V1R13 with APAR PM73833.
This capability is provided as of z/OSMF V2R1.
This capability is provided as of z/OSMF V2R1 with APAR PI20151.

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