Capacity Provisioning

Capacity Provisioning is designed to simplify the management of temporary capacity, Defined Capacity, and Group Capacity. The scope of z/OS® Capacity Provisioning is to address capacity requirements for relatively short term workload fluctuations for which On/Off Capacity on Demand or Soft-Capping adjustments are applicable. It is not a replacement for the Capacity Management process. 1

Capacity Provisioning can help you to manage processor capacity on IBM® System z10® or zEnterprise™ when a suitable On/Off Capacity on Demand record is available. Capacity provisioning allows you to change the activation level of that On/Off CoD record with respect to general purpose capacity, and the number of zAAP or zIIP processors. Capacity Provisioning can help you to monitor and manage the Defined Capacity and Group Capacity either through policy based automation or through commands from the z/OS Console.

Screen capture of the main page in the z/OSMF Capacity Provisioning task. Click to view full size image

The Capacity Provisioning task, introduced with z/OSMF V1R13, provides a browser-based user interface for working with the Capacity Provisioning Manager on a z/OS system. With the Capacity Provisioning task, you can perform the following functions:

  • Manage connections to a Provisioning Manager and use them to transfer provisioning policies and domain configurations to the Provisioning Manager, or to query various status reports.
  • View the status of a Provisioning Manager by displaying reports about the domain status, the active configuration and the active policy.
  • Manage, create, modify, and delete provisioning policies and domain configurations from a central shared repository. 2
  • Import and export domain configurations and policies. 2
  • Install and activate policies and domain configurations for the domain the Provisioning Manager controls. 2


As of z/OSMF V2R1, support is provided for Defined Capacity and Group Capacity.
This capability is provided as of z/OSMF V1R13 with APAR PM74519.

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