Software Management Task (APAR PM73833)

The z/OSMF Software Management (was previously called Software Deployment) application has been extended to allow additional actions on instances of SMP/E installed software. For example, in addition to deploying a software instance, the Software Management task now allows for inspection of a software instance to view the product, feature, FMID content, SYSMODS, and other information, as well as the physical datasets that comprise a particular software instance. You can use this information to identify which products need to be ordered for a future upgrade, to determine if you have the prerequisites installed for a specific function, or to provide evidence of what is installed to an auditor, procurement team, or operations staff.

The Software Management task also now provides actions to analyze and report on software instances and products to help you:

  • Identify software products that are nearing or have reached end of service support, helping customers to identify the products requiring upgrades and/or to better plan migration steps.
  • Identify maintenance that may be missing such as HIPER and PE fixes, and fixes associated with one or more fix categories. This enhancement is intended to help customers assess the risks and stability of installed software and ensure that the right hardware and software pre-requisites are installed.
  • Validate correctness of SMP/E structures and the content of a particular software instance, designed to improve the quality of your software management environment.
  • Determine whether specific fixes are installed and to which software instances they apply. For example, you can determine:
    • If you already installed a fix that a vendor suggested that you install.
    • If you already installed a Red Alert or fix associated with security/integrity APAR.
    • Which software instances are affected by a specific PTF.
  • Compare the service and functional content of two software instances. This is intended to aid in the identification of problems (e.g. unexpected differences of content) and to aid migration planning.

Capacity Provisioning Task (APAR PM74519)

The z/OSMF Capacity Provisioning application is enhanced to allow you to create, edit, and activate domain configurations and capacity provisioning policies. With these new functions, z/OSMF Capacity Provisioning has now been extended to support all the functions available in the Microsoft Windows-based Capacity Provisioning Control Center (CPCC).

New Application Linking and Launching in Context (APAR PM74508 and APAR PM74517)

In z/OS® V1R13, z/OSMF provided an API to improve the integration of z/OS tasks by enabling application linking and launching. z/OSMF is now exploiting these APIs to provide integration and launch in context for the z/OSMF Workload Management and the Resource Monitoring application via this service update.


  • The z/OSMF Resource Monitoring application will launch in context to the z/OSMF Workload Management application, and the z/OSMF Workload Management application will launch in context to the z/OSMF Resource Monitoring application.
  • The System Status task will link to the Workload Management task such that the active service definition, active service policy, or WLM status can be opened and viewed.
  • From the Workload Management task you can open the System Status task to view the status of the sysplex.
  • The Workload Management task will be linked to Resource Monitoring dashboards such that while viewing active service definition or service policy, performance metrics for service classes, workloads, and report classes can be viewed.
  • The Resource Monitoring task will be linked to the Workload Management task such that while viewing performance data for service classes, workloads, or report classes, the corresponding item specification in the WLM service definition can be viewed.

Incident Log (APAR PM74518)

For improved flexibility, the z/OSMF Incident Log application will allow for customization of the generated JCL to help you develop an appropriate job stream customized for your environment.

ISPF Application (APAR PM74507)

The z/OSMF ISPF application is planned to automatically retrieve the completion status of long running commands, without requiring any user intervention.

Jobs REST API (APAR PM74502)

New to z/OSMF V1R13 is the z/OS jobs REST interface that allows a client application to perform operations with batch jobs. For instance, the client can submit a job, obtain the status of a job, list the spool files for a job, retrieve the contents of a job spool file, cancel or purge a job from the JES spool.

Enhancements include:

  • The z/OSMF z/OS Jobs REST API is now enhanced to allow you to submit from z/OS data sets and z/OS UNIX files. The REST API will now allow access to job JCL which can then be submitted.
  • The z/OSMF z/OS jobs REST interface is planned to allow you to submit jobs directly from z/OS data sets and z/OS UNIX files. The API is planned to allow the user to access job JCL, creating a convenient environment for systems programmers to work from.
  • In addition, there are new enhancements to allow users to cancel jobs, or change job classes, or delete (cancel w/purge) jobs for secondary JES2, extending the flexibility of z/OSMF.

Systems and FTP Servers (APAR PM74502)

Starting with APAR PM74502 on z/OSMF V1R13, the Systems and FTP Servers tasks are available under z/OSMF Settings. The Systems task allows you to define the settings required for z/OSMF to access other systems in your installation and to define the HTTP proxy settings for z/OSMF to use when establishing an HTTPS connection to another system. The FTP Servers task allows you to define the settings required for z/OSMF to access the FTP servers that are running on internal or external systems and to define the settings for z/OSMF to use when transferring files between systems.

Filtering Enhancements (APAR PM74502)

Additional filter capabilities are designed to improve ease of use for the user. The z/OSMF table filtering support has been enhanced to allow for AND/OR filtering as well as case sensitive filtering for more granular filtering capabilities.

Browser Currency (APAR PM74502)

z/OSMF is enhanced to provide support for Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9.x) as well as Mozilla Firefox ESR 10 (ESR 10.0.x) to provide the level of browser currency needed by customers to manage current environments.

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