What is z/OS XML System Services?

z/OS XML System Services (z/OS XML®) parser is a system level XML parser that is integrated with the base z/OS operating system. It is intended for use by system components, middleware, and applications that need a simple, efficient, XML parsing solution. z/OS XML may currently be accessed by a C/C++ or an assembler programming interface. z/OS XML can parse documents with or without validation.

Fast facts about the z/OS XML parser

  • The z/OS XML parser is an integrated parser for z/OS.
  • The z/OS XML parser provides a C/C++ and assembler interface for callers to use.
  • The z/OS XML parser can parse documents with or without validation.
  • The z/OS XML parser can parse document fragments.
  • The z/OS XML parser can parse Extensible Dynamic Binary XML (XDBX) input streams.
  • The z/OS XML parser provides a buffer-in, buffer-out processing model instead of the event driven model common to SAX parsers.
  • The z/OS XML parser natively handles a number of character encodings, including the following:
    • UTF-8
    • UTF-16 (big endian)
    • IBM-1047
    • IBM-037
  • The z/OS XML parser uses buffer spanning to handle documents of unbounded length.
  • The z/OS XML parser contains minimal linkage overhead.
  • The z/OS XML parser provides the ability for parsing operations to be run on a zAAP (System z Application Assist Processor) or a zIIP (IBM System z10 Integrated Information Processor) processor.
  • The z/OS XML parser provides assistive aids to the user in debugging not well formed documents.

Learn more about z/OS XML

To learn more about the z/OS XML parser, see
z/OS XML System Services User's Guide and Reference .

There are also two Hot Topics articles: Meet the Parsers: z/OS and XML - a different approach (PDF, 3.19MB), which provides a good overview of the z/OS XML parser and its features, and Kicking down the costs of XML (PDF, 4.13MB), which looks at how the z/OS XML parser uses ZAAPs to improve its performance.


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