For performance tools, there are two sources: independent software vendors and IBM. Also, be sure to check out our performance web page.

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Tools From Software Vendors

Product Description of Product
Base SAS Supports post-processing SMF data that includes UNIX System Services information
CLEVER eROUTE Facilitates enterprise-wide IP route performance management and service level control. Provides a systematic approach to the organization and analysis of route and segment data.
CLEVER SNA Uses expert-system technology for 3270 and APPC/APPN SNA problem determination and resolution.
CLEVER TCP/IP Provides the service, performance and availability information that can be used to manage z/OS TCP/IP mission-critical business applications.
Exigence A network diagnostic tool for analysing network outage and performance problems in an z/OS environment without the need for GTF, Ctrace or IPCS. Automatic analysis of TCP, FTP, TN3270, SNA traffic and many others. Full function evaluation copy available over the internet.
FTP Alert Performance Monitoring, delivery management, and security for FTP in an z/OS UNIX environment. Full function evaluation copy available over the internet.
IMPLEX A performance and availability monitor for IP on z/OS, that is able to tell you both what is AND is not working. Includes a TN3270 response time monitor and will interface directly to NETView. Full function evaluation copy available from the web site.
MAINVIEW MAINVIEW for UNIX System Services is a system management application that helps you monitor and manage the performance of your z/OS UNIX System Services from a MAINVIEW window interface, which contains a series of easy to use views.
MXG Supports post-processing SMF data on UNIX System Services usage.
PerfMan An integrated product series focused on cross-platform performance management and capacity planning for enterprise systems, storage, and networks, including z/OS, NT, and UNIX systems. Subsystems supported in detail include: BackOffice (Exchange, IIS, and SQL Server), CICS, DB2, and SNA.
STROBE UNIX System Services Feature The STROBE UNIX System Services Feature helps IT professionals measure, analyze, and improve the performance of both internally-developed and third party z/OS-based UNIX Systems Service applications. With STROBE MVS for Sysplex and the STROBE UNIX System Services Feature, users can improve resource-consumptive user programs, avoid the inefficient use of UNIX System Services system service modules and Language Environment (LE) runtime routines, and improve I/O access to HFS files.
TMON for TCP/IP TMON for TCP/IP provides complete Enterprise-wide TCP/IP Monitor and Management capabilities. It is a z/OS-centric TCP/IP product that includes non-z/OS stacks and devices, and thus, provides a complete enterprise-wide TCP/IP monitor. Some features of TMON for TCP/IP includes conditional monitoring/alarming across SNMP and non-SNMP entities, an Exception Monitor that allows you to automate problem resolution procedures in hierarchical manner, and monitoring of more than one Terminal Monitor Program (TMP) per Logical Partition (LPAR).
TMON for z/OS UNIX System Services (z/OS UNIX) TMON for z/OS UNIX System Services allows you to monitor and manage critical z/OS UNIX resources and processes so you can recognize the impact of z/OS UNIX workloads and resource consumption within the z/OS enterprise. TMON for z/OS UNIX is a MVS systems programmer-oriented tool for optimizing and managing z/OS UNIX resources and workloads, pinpointing and resolving problems quickly, and analyzing processes and exceptions.

IBM Tools

Product Description of Product
Memory leak detection tool Detects memory leaks in your code.
NetView Performance Monitor for TCP/IP Allows network performance analysts and support staff to effectively plan and allocate network resources.
OMEGAMON XE for z/OS UNIX This monitor helps user manage UNIX running on z/OS, providing several detailed reports on how the UNIX kernel is performing. It enables customers to ensure that UNIX on z/OS -- and the applications running on it -- are performing as expected. It includes reports on processes, UNIX users, and z/OS address space information.
OMEGAMON II for Mainframe Networks This is a performance and availability monitor for mainframe network communications protocols, focusing on TCP/IP and VTAM. OMEGAMON II for Mainframe Networks helps customers understand and manage the problems that degrade TCP/IP application performance. It also provides a unique view of VTAM in terms of both how the network is performing and how VTAM is behaving as a workload on z/OS.
Resource Measurement Facility Resource Measurement Facility (RMF) is the IBM product for z/OS performance measurement and management. When used for tuning z/OS UNIX, RMF reports show the usage and contention for system resources over time.
Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS measures and reports how applications use available resources. This easy to use tool helps you identify system constraints and improve application performance.
Rational Developer for System Z Rational® Developer speeds efficiency of traditional mainframe, Web development and integrated mixed workload. It accelerates the development of your Web applications, traditional COBOL and PL/I applications, Web services and XML-based interfaces, high-level Enterprise Generation Language.

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