and PTF
OA54299 z/OS V2R2: OpenSSH Support for direct use of z/Architecture CP Assist for Cryptographic Function (CPACF) instructions
OA27451 z/OS R10: UA45585 Performance enhancement to getgrgid(BPX1GGI/BPX4GGI) and getgrnam (BPX1GGN/BPX4GGN) to return only the targeted group name or GID.
OA24538   This APAR is a rollback of the _BPXK_SUID_FORK environment variable support introduced in z/OS V1R9. The function is required by OpenSSH.
OA22093   Adds a new callable service, loadhfs extended (BPX1LDX, BPX4LDX). The loadhfs extended service loads an executable program by path name into the caller’s process.
OA10314 z/OS R4: UA17738
z/OS R5: UA17739
z/OS R6: UA17740
Changes the default behavior of file tagging and automatic conversion for the cp and mv commands when the source file is tagged and the target file is on a file system that does not support explicit file tagging (such as NFS).
OW54824 z/OS R1: UW95985
z/OS R2: UW95986
z/OS R3: UW95987
z/OS R4: UW95988
Improves the administrative procedures for shutting down and initializing systems in a shared HFS sysplex.
OW52499   Changes default behavior of pax and tar for extended USTAR attributes
OW52293 z/OS R2: UW85156
R10: UW85155
R9: UW85157
Adds support for changing to distributed BRLM in the sysplex.
OW46499 R10: UW76940 Adds a new callable service, BPX1RW (Pread() and Pwrite()), which reads or writes from a given position in a file without changing the file pointers. To use this function, you must also apply APAR OW47674.
OW48709 z/OS R2: UW82163
R10: UW82162
R9: UW82164
Provides the capability to start colony address spaces outside of JES and specify additional START command parameters.
OW48925 z/OS R2: UW81558
R10: UW81557
R9: UW81559
Provides shared HFS software version verification in a mixed-release sysplex configuration.
OW51798 z/OS R3: UW84306
z/OS R2: UW84305
R10: UW84304
R9: UW84307
R8: UW84303
Allows the caller of the pthread_security_np TLS_TASK_ACEE# function to succeed if it is supervisor state and system key, regardless of how its task-level ACEE was created.
OW47578 R10: UW79283
R9: UW79284
R8: UW79282
Provides function code TLS_TASK_ACEE# on the pthread_security_np callable service (BPX1TLS). This function code creates a thread-level security environment for the caller's thread, given a pre-existing WLM-created task-level ACEE.
OW47447 R10: UW77700 Adds an option to the uname() utility that returns IBM current product name information.
OW48199 R10: UW79567
R9: UW79569
R8: UW79566
R7: UW79568
Provides a Soft Shutdown capability that hardens the data before unmounting file systems, through a modify console command
OW46710 R10: UW75786
R9: UW75787
Provides notification to lock-holders when the BRLM server crashes.
OW44183 R10: UW75190 Adds a message routing capability to the __console (BPX1CCS) callable service.
OW44571 R10: UW75019 Allows dbx users to interrogate processes in a dump.
OW44924 R10: UW75677 Adds function to dbx so that it can process dumps of C/C++ programs and provide a source-level/machine-level view of the state of the program when the dump was taken.
OW46375 R10: UW74091 Allows automount to invoke a user-written conversion utility and treat that utility's output as an automount map file.
OW44461 R10: UW76217
R9: UW76218
Provides a diagnostic and repair capability for use in shared HFS-related failures.
OW45508 R10: UW90705
R9: UW90704
R8: UW90703
Adds a new pthread_quiesce interface, BPX1PQG, that freezes, unfreezes, and queries a set of threads.
OW44655 R10: UW74957
R9: UW74958
R8: UW74956
Provides enhanced program control support. To use this function, you must also apply RACF APAR OW44371 and SAF APAR OW44372.
OW46367 R10: UW74808
R9: UW74807
R8: UW74806
With this APAR, inetd recognizes when a TCP/IP stack is stopped or started, and closes and re-initializes sockets for all the services it is supporting.
OW44184 R10: UW71293
R9: UW71294
R8: UW71292
Provides the UNDO feature for binary semaphores and a new flag that allows semaphores to be held for a very short period of time.
OW44992 R10: UW74876
R9: UW74875
R8: UW74874
R7: UW74873
R6: UW74872
Allows rlogind to call an exit to bypass password processing. IBM does not recommend using this capability.
OW45635 R10: UW75203
R9: UW75205
R8: UW75202
R7: UW75204
R6: UW75201
R5: UW75200
Adds a REXX service that allows the supplemental group list to be set.
OW45213 R10: UW76171
R9: UW76170
R8: UW76169
R7: UW76168
R6: UW76167
R5: UW76166
Adds a new option to the exec command that allows a new name to be specified for the exec'd program's argv 0.
OW46944 R10: UW76030
R9: UW76033
R8: UW76029
R7: UW76032
R6: UW76028
R5: UW76027
R4: UW76031
R3: UW76026
Provides a way to specify TCP/IP stack affinity for colony address spaces.
OW46235 R10: UW74345
R9: UW74344
R8: UW74343
R7: UW74342
R6: UW74341
R5: UW74340
R4: UW74339
R3: UW74338
R2: UW74337
R1: UW74346
Fixes problems with existing crontabs that result when APARs OW44063 and OW43696 are applied.
OW44754 R10: UW72864
R9: UW72865
R8: UW72863
Significantly improves the performance and scalability of the select() function for large servers. With this enhancement, the path length of select for read is a function of the number of sockets that are active, instead of the number of sockets in the select mask. Servers that select hundreds or thousands of socket sessions will see dramatic improvements.
OW43776 R10: UW72267
R9: UW72268
R8: UW72266
Makes it possible to monitor the status of USS parmlib limits and adjust those limits dynamically.
OW41577 R9: UW68694
R8: UW68692
R7: UW68693
R6: UW68691
R5: UW68690
Provides a mechanism for cleaning up zombie processes on a regular basis for the init process.
OW42811 (functions available 3/31/00)
OW42811 (functions available 6/30/00)
R9: UW68694
R8: UW68692
A reliability, availability, and serviceability enhancement to prevent unscheduled system outages.
OW42995 R9: UW69314
R8: UW69313
Improves performance for environments that use the pthread_security function for a large number (1000 or more) of surrogate userids.
OW42841 R9: UW69337
R8: UW69336
Provides a new skulker shell script to remove old files from directories, plus new and updated FSUM messages.
OW42362 R9: UW66198
R8: UW66197
Provides assistance with problem determination involving asynchronous I/O and queued signals.
OW41492 R9: UW67516
R8: UW67514
R7: UW67515
R6: UW67513
Provides an interface that allows the scheduling of a user exit on a target pthread via the scheduling of an IRB to the pthread task.
OW40788 R9: UW66056
R8: UW66054
R7: UW66055
R6: UW66053
Provides kernel support for a timeout service for the semop() and msgrcv() functions:
  • the timed semop, __semop_timed()
  • the timed msgrcv, __msgrcv_timed()

For full function of this APAR, apply the APAR PQ30757.

OW38618 R9: UW64588
R8: UW64586
R7: UW64587
R6: UW64585
BPXBATSL is provided for users who want to run BPXBATCH and perform a local spawn without setting up local environment variables.
OW39467 R8: UW62102
R7: UW62103
Provides kernel support for using the magic number in shell scripts. To achieve the full function of magic number support, apply the Language Environment APAR PQ28716.
OW39468 R8: UW62182
R7: UW62183
The value of the PID is limited to no more than 8 decimal digits, to accommodate reporting programs with that limitation.
OW39401 R8: UW63767
R7: UW63768
Adds two new callable services, __map_init and __map_service, that make it possible for an application to invoke megabyte mapping initialization functions and mapping service functions.
OW39840 R8: UW63405 A sigqueue callable service is added to allow users to queue signals. This is useful in implementing asynchronous event handling, such as asynch I/O. To call this service using the C interface, apply APARs PQ28223 and PQ28224.
OW37041 R7: UW60348
R6: UW60350
A sigqueue callable service is added to allow users to queue signals. This is useful in implementing asynchronous event handling, such as asynch I/O. To call this service using the C interface, apply APARs PQ25492 and PQ25599.
OW39646 R8: UW63777 Provides a single Web interface that will return the structure sizes required by the Coupling Facility Resource Manager policy.
OW36600 R7: UW57897
R6: UW57896
The _BPX_JOBNAME environment variable is now allowed on a spawn() call. A new FACILITY class profile (BPX.JOBNAME), used by the security product, provides additional control over who can specify JOBNAME on exec() or spawn(). Superusers or non-superusers who have access to the new BPX.JOBNAME facility class profile can change the JOBNAME.
OW34166 R7: UW54257
R6: UW54256
Servers that generate a large number of asynchronous I/O requests require a unique completion event to identify which I/O has completed. A 4-byte identifier (SIGVAL) can be set at async I/O start time so that when it is delivered to the application at async I/O completion time, it will identify which async I/O event has completed.
OW36116 R7: UW54289
R6: UW54288
R5: UW54287
For improved performance, this APAR provides support in spawn to allow a debugger like dbx to run the target debugged program in the same address space as the debugger.
OW35811 R7: UW57805
R6: UW57803
R5: UW57802
R4: UW57804

This allows JAVA Virtual Machine (JVM) to start additional threads to do work and establish the same user identity and WLM enclave on each new thread, using new services.

APAR OW35821 is required with this APAR.

OW35109 R7: UW53342
R6: UW53341
R5: UW53340

This lets the user security exits get the IP address for the running task and also provides an exit that will receive control after a successful GETPWNAME request, so that the application can examine/change the current working directory (CWD).

To realize the full function of this APAR, apply OW35467 and its accompanying APARs.

OW34166 R7: UW54257
R6: UW54256
Servers that generate a large number of async I/O requests require a unique completion event to identify which I/O has completed. This support allows a one word identifier (SIGVAL) to be specified on an async I/O request, travel with the I/O request and be presented to the application upon delivery of the signal.Provides support for a subset of UNIX 98 real time signal services to support async I/O.
OW33091 R6: UW49691
R5: UW49690

Register/Deregister a security certificate for the calling user.

APAR PQ15716 provides the C interfaces to this callable service for certificate processing. That APAR is required to use the __certificate() C function.

OW34533 R6: UW51307
R5: UW51306
Support for pthread_create in a multi-proc/multi-user environment and for local spawn with userid in a multi-proc/multi-user environment.
OW34856 R6: UW51977
R5: UW51976
Non-UID(0) users can use initgroups() after specifying password() with the same target user name as the initgroups()-specified name.
OW35196 R6: UW52445
R5: UW52444
R4: UW52446

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