Changes for z/OS V1R7 UNIX System Services include the following:

  • New special files have been added: /dev/zero, /dev/null, /dev/random, and /dev/urandom.

  • dbx now provides a plug-in framework for developers who want to add new dbx subcommands and event handlers to aid in debugging.

  • You can now display information about AF_UNIX sockets by issuing D OMVS,SOCKETS.

  • You can now specify a buffer size between 16KB and 64MB on the BUFSIZE statement in the CTnBPXxx parmlib member. Previously, the maximum was 4MB.

  • The use of zFS file systems is now preferred. Continued use of HFS file systems is not encouraged.

  • You can now use the SET OMVS command to execute the ROOT, MOUNT, FILESYSTYPE, SUBFILESYSTYPE, and NETWORK statements in the BPXPRMxx parmlib member.

  • File caching is no longer supported for z/OS UNIX.

  • Updates have been made to support z/OS Network File Server (NFS) V4 protocols.

  • The kernel now supports mixed case passwords.

  • The BPX.CONSOLE FACILITY class profile now enables permitted users to use the _console() or _console2() services.

For more information on these updates, see the  z/OS V1R7 Introduction and Release Guide  and z/OS V1R7 Summary of Message and Interface Changes.

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