IBM Ported Tools for z/OS: PHP for z/OS feature (PHP for z/OS)

Important notice:

This feature is no longer shipped with Ported Tools for z/OS and can no longer be ordered through Shopz. See the RFA for more information.

What is PHP for z/OS?

PHP for z/OS provides a port of the PHP (version 5.1.2) scripting language to the z/OS UNIX System Services platform. PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a general-purpose scripting language that is well-suited for Web development. PHP's syntax is similar to that of C and Perl, making it easy for anyone with basic programming skills to learn. PHP is both powerful and flexible: it has a rich set of APIs and it contains a Perl-compatible regular expression library. PHP is popular in the computing industry and is available on a wide variety of platforms. PHP for z/OS includes an extension to access DB2 for z/OS via ODBC. This allows PHP applications to access DB2 data on z/OS.

Product Documentation

  • IBM Ported Tools for z/OS: PHP for z/OS Feature User's Guide PDF

The latest version of the Program Directory and License Information document can be found here.

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