An updated version of OpenSSH is available with the release of IBM Ported Tools for z/OS V1.2. The V1.2 release contains updated levels of OpenSSH, OpenSSL, and zlib. The new levels provided are OpenSSH 5.0p1, OpenSSL 1.0.1c, and zlib 1.2.3. For detailed information, see IBM Ported Tools for z/OS: OpenSSH User's Guide.

OpenSSH provides secure encryption for both remote login and file transfer. Some of the utilities that it includes are:

  • ssh, a z/OS client program for logging into a z/OS shell. It can also be used to log into other platform's UNIX shells. It is an alternative to rlogin.
  • scp for copying files between networks. It is an alternative to rcp.
  • sftp for file transfers over an encrypted ssh transport. It is an interactive file transfer program similar to ftp.
  • sshd, a daemon program for ssh that listens for connections from clients. The IBM Ported Tools for z/OS: OpenSSH implementation of sshd supports both SSH protocol versions 1 and 2 simultaneously.

Other basic utilities such as ssh-add, ssh-agent, ssh-keysign, ssh-keyscan, ssh-keygen, and sftp-server are also included.

To ensure secure encrypted communications, OpenSSH uses ciphers such as Blowfish and 3DES.

IBM Ported Tools for z/OS: OpenSSH provides the following z/OS extensions:

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