What is IBM Ported Tools for z/OS?

IBM Ported Tools for z/OS is a program product available at no cost to you that is designed to deliver tools and applications for the z/OS platform. These applications have been modified to operate within the z/OS environment. IBM Ported Tools for z/OS is only available to customers with a license to z/OS; it is supported on z/OS 1.12 and above.

Rocket Software has enabled more current versions of specific Ported Tools (cURL, Perl, sudo, PHP, bzip2). These and many other ported tools can be found at the Rocket Software Ported Tools website.

Additional Partners offering ported tools for z/OS can notify IBM at zISVq@us.ibm.com (with a subject line Contributing to Ported Tools) if you would like to be referenced on this website.

Available Applications

The following applications are available as part of IBM Ported Tools for z/OS:


Ordering Information

To order IBM Ported Tools for z/OS, most customers can go to Shopz web site. For all other customers, contact your local IBM representative.


Product Documentation

  • new IBM Ported Tools for z/OS Program Directory PDF
  • new IBM Ported Tools for z/OS: OpenSSH User's Guide PDF
  • IBM Ported Tools for z/OS: Xvfb User's Guide PDF
  • IBM Ported Tools for z/OS: IBM HTTP Server 8.5 documentation
  • new  IBM Ported Tools for z/OS License Information

Note: The z/OS OpenSSH User's Guide can be found here.


Security notice: IBM recommends customers subscribe to the System z Security Portal. The portal enables you to receive the latest critical service information on security and system integrity APARs for z/OS and z/VM. If you are not subscribed to this portal, you can use these instructions to subscribe.

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