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Client server sample code
using z/OS asynchronous
The package provides sample client server code which sends data between a client and server application. This code demonstrates an extremely efficient thread pool model that takes advantage of UNIX 98 standard aio_read() and aio_write() APIs supported by OS390. The thread pool model with asynchronous I/O is capabile of supporting 10,000+ client server connections per process. Must have OS390 V2R6 or higher.
APPC Sample Code Helps you run an APPC server from the OS/390 UNIX shell. You will be able to write APPC code in the shell and execute it in the shell.
Security Setup Sample Code The BPXISEC1 member ships in SYS1.SAMPLIB. It's a TSO CLIST that provides the RACF commands needed to set up security for OS/390 UNIX System Services. Parts of this setup may not have been available or required for earlier releases. For example, the default OMVS segment was introduced in V2R4 with APAR OW27564. Check SYS1.SAMPLIB for what is available or required for the release you have.


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