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Client server sample code
using z/OS asynchronous
The package provides sample client server code which sends data between a client and server application. This code demonstrates an extremely efficient thread pool model that takes advantage of UNIX 98 standard aio_read() and aio_write() APIs supported by OS390. The thread pool model with asynchronous I/O is capabile of supporting 10,000+ client server connections per process. Must have OS390 V2R6 or higher.
APPC Sample Code Helps you run an APPC server from the OS/390 UNIX shell. You will be able to write APPC code in the shell and execute it in the shell.
Security Setup Sample Code The BPXISEC1 member ships in SYS1.SAMPLIB. It's a TSO CLIST that provides the RACF commands needed to set up security for OS/390 UNIX System Services. Parts of this setup may not have been available or required for earlier releases. For example, the default OMVS segment was introduced in V2R4 with APAR OW27564. Check SYS1.SAMPLIB for what is available or required for the release you have.


Diagnostic tools

Many diagnostic tools are shipped in z/OS such as execs for use in dump diagnosis with z/OS IPCS. These execs are provided on an as-is basis (not warranted) and no support is provided. They may be accessed, without additional installation steps, from the IPCS main panel's Analysis option (option 2, which displays panel BLSPSCRN), then sub-option 6i (this option is not displayed by panel BLSPSCRN but is available). They may also be invoked directly, such as by "IPCS execname <input>".

Some of these execs may require the availability of compiled-REXX facilities and will not function properly without those facilities. Typically, the execs use only the compiled REXX facilities that are available without the installation of a separate priced feature.

When invoked from IPCS option 2 sub-option 6i, you can request help by selecting an exec via the "?" character. Alternately, you can use "IPCS execname ?" or "IPCS execname HELP". The help information describes such things as the allowable input.

No additional documentation is intended to be provided or made available.

Below is the list of execs that are provided in this manner:

Name Exec Abstract
ALET2DSP IAXAR2D DataSpace Name associated with input AR/ALET
CMD2FILE BLSXC2FI Writes output from an input IPCS cmd to output dataset
CPUINFO IEAVCPUI displays high level CPU information
DAEINFO IEAVDAE Formats DAE information that resides in storage
DATAINFO BLSXDINF List and Where in storage addresses
DISPINFO IEAVDISP Dispatchability and lock contention information
DUMPINFO IEAVDUMP General and environment information about the dump
FRRSDATA IEAVFRRS Validity check FRR stacks
IOSBLKS IOSFSMGB Information about IOS blocks
IPLPARMS BLSXIPLP Values used during system initialization (IPL)
LOCKSTAT IEAVLOCK Information about locks held at time of dump
LOGDATAS IEAVLOGD One line summary of input LOGREC Dataset or LOGDATA
SAVEAREA BLSXSAVA Maps standard savearea chain. Input save area addr
SCTSIOT IEFDDSUM Displays all DDs and DSNs in a job
SHOWVCM IEAVSVCM Displays HiperDispatch information
SLIPDATA IEAVSLIP Display SLIP control block data
SLOTCNT ILRSLOTC Auxiliary slot usage information
SVC99RB IEFSVC99 Maps dynamic allocation request block and text units
TCBMAP IEAVTCBM Picture of TCB structure of the default ASID
VSMINFO IGVVSMIN Map of Virtual Storage boundaries
WJSIPAMT BPXWAMT Displays the automount rules set for this system
WEBINFO IEAVWEBI Overview of work (WEBs)

Hint: If you have these execs in a variable record length data set and if you used some process other than SMP/E (such as ISPF copy) to move them there from the fixed record length distribution library ABLSCLI0, the ones that are compiled REXX might not work. For the compiled REXX execs, it is necessary not to lose trailing blanks when moving to another data set. IEAVWEBI is an example of an exec that is compiled REXX.


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