Most packages listed here are free (some are pointers to third party packages which may not be free). There are no warranties of any kind, and there is no service or technical support available for these from IBM.

Links to Tools and Toys

Due to the large volume of tools and toys, we've had to break the tools and toys page into separate sections. 

Ported Tools

Apache, ACE, atools, autoconf, bash, bison, bzip2, cpost, diffutils, emacs, findutils, flex, gmake, gnats, GNU grep, groff, gzip, host, hostname, id-utils, ksh93, less, libtool, lynx, m4, nedit, openssh, openssl, patch, perl, PGP, PHP, rcs, sha, the, unzip, webalizer, zip

UNIX Tools

auditid, booksrvcar, Bruno's Bag of Tools, bpxget, bpxput, bpxstop, bpxwdyn, bpxwtabs, cksparse, colonies, COBOL compile environment, db2pb, db2imsrx, describe, dirsize, execsql, ext, fduse, finuse, fsadmin, fscp, fsinuse, fsq, fsview, getuids, ICS2WLM, IOSSPOFD, i, ifind, ihsCMT, IPLSTATS, isu, Java OMTA, KEYXFER, libascii, makedep, mcp, MSGLG610, MVSJob, odb2, oeconsol, oesvp, omvstape, ORACOMP, PAV Analysis Tool, passwd, pdsdir, perr, pschart, rac, rangelks, readmvs and writemvs, rexxfunc, rexx compiler utility, RTOOLS, sdsf, seff, setstack, stat, startd, submit, submit2, SVC analyzer, sysout, tcpcfg, tsocmd, USStools, uurestore, viascii, view, websearch, wjsfsmon, wjsigshl, wjssh, zFS Large Directory Utility, zfsspace, zlsof

Code Samples

AIO Sample code, APPC Sample Code, Diagnotic tools, Network Computing, OS/390 Security Setup Sample Code

Performance Tools

Base SAS, Candle Command Center for OS/390, MXG, SOLVE:Netmaster for TCP/IP v4.0, Resource Measurement Facility, IBM C/C++ Productivity Tools for OS/390

C/++ Run-Time Library man pages

Download C/C++ Run-Time Library Reference: man pages.

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