The Setup Verification Program (SVP) lets you check for troublesome setup errors before they trip you up. After you have followed the instructions in z/OS UNIX Planning, and completed your setup and customization (including the z/OS shell and utilities), you can run the SVP.

Using the SVP, you can:

  • Verify that each user has a UID and OMVS segment defined, and each group has a GID.
  • Check for duplicate assignment of UIDs and GIDs.
  • Verify that each user has access to and owns a home directory and has read, write, and search access to it.
  • Check the permissions for several directories usually set up at installation.
  • Check that files in the /dev directory are defined correctly. Reconcile the number of pseudo-ttys and file descriptor files with the BPXPRMxx definitions. On Release 7 and above, it does minimal checking in the /dev directory because the files are created by the system as needed.
  • Verify that the z/OS UNIX shell will run.
  • Verify that the OMVS command will run.
  • Check customization for utilities. The program checks:
    • files that have been copied from /samples to /etc
    • terminfo files
    • settings for some environment variables
    • ability to compile and run a program
    and performs various other checks.
  • Verify, if SYSPLEX(YES) is specified, that the root directory has the correct symlinks defined. 

If it detects a problem, the SVP warns you about it and, if you request, corrects the problem. We estimate the SVP can take up to one-half hour to complete; but the exact amount of time depends on your system.

To use the SVP,

  • You must be a superuser (UID=0) with RACF SPECIAL authority, or the equivalent.
  • Your system must be any release of z/OS.
  • Your system must be at ISPF version 4.1 or higher.
  • You can use any security product; RACF is not required.

Downloading and Running the Program

You can download the Setup Verification Program. Follow the instructions in the README file.

We have instructions on downloading through your browser and anonymous FTP.
  1. Download the file to your workstation.
  2. Upload it into an FB 80 MVS data set.
  3. Run the program. For example, from ISPF, run the TSO command
     EXEC 'prefix.OESVP.EXEC'
                                  prefix is your userid.


We welcome your feedback on this tool. We want it to be useful to you. Let us know if there are other setup steps that you would like the tool to check. Also, is downloading the tool via ftp acceptable to you? Send us your feedback.


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