Porting Services and Resources

Here are some consulting services, books, and links to other resources that you might find helpful.

PartnerWorld for Developers

PartnerWorld for Developers is a worldwide program that supports developers who build solutions using IBM technologies.

Porting centers

The IBM porting centers are ideal for ISVs or customers with no in-house z/OS system or skills. IBM provides the porting environment, the hardware, software, and access to skills. Typically, the application owner provides a programmer to conduct the port.

San Mateo, California (for ISVs):

Contact: Loren Dale Wilson
e-mail: ldwilson@us.ibm.com
Phone: 650-524-5241 or PartnerLine at 800-426-9990
Web page: http://www.developer.ibm.com/spc

Waltham, Massachusetts (for ISVs):

Contact: John Terlemezian
e-mail: jterleme@us.ibm.com
Phone: 781-895-2564 or PartnerLine at 800-426-9990
Web page: http://www.developer.ibm.com/spc

Boeblingen, Germany (For customers and ISVs):

Contact: Roland Reck
email: TMCC@de.ibm.com
Phone: +49-(0)7031-162680
Fax: *49-(0)7031-163232

Stuttgart, Germany (for ISVs):

Contact: Uwe Kopf, Solution Partnership Center
email: ukopf@de.ibm.com
Phone: (0)711/785-1052

Montpellier, France (for ISVs and customers)

Contact: Michel Jan
email: mjan@fr.ibm.com
Phone: (33) 4 67 34 61 83

Hursley, UK (for ISVs and customers):

Contact: Jim Hall
e-mail: jim_hall@uk.ibm.com
Phone: 44-1962-815030


Tools and Toys

We have ported tools and homegrown tools here on the web for you.


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