Install Notes

svcdump.jar should be transfered in binary/image mode. After copying to your z/OS system, more help can be found by executing the following commands:

java -classpath svcdump.jar -help
java -classpath svcdump.jar -help

About SVC Analyzer

This is an SVC Dump analyzer written in Java. It provides an alternative to using IPCS. In answer to the obvious question "why?", this analyzer provides the following benefits:

  • you can save the output to a file which can then be viewed in your favourite editor allowing you to easily scroll up and down, search etc.
  • it knows about Java and so can display the names of Java methods in the C tracebacks.
  • you can run FindRoots on the heap (see below).
  • automatic printing of function names for trace entries.
  • this is just the beginning. Now we have the basic infrastructure written in Java we can add a GUI, provide hooks for Jython and so on. There is no need to learn horribly obscure stuff like how to extend IPCS with REXX scripts. Or even how to use IPCS for that matter.

About FindRoots

FindRoots is a tool for analyzing out of memory conditions in Java. It examines the Java heap and outputs the object graphs for the roots which occupy most of the space. It is useful when you have a memory leak but you have no way of knowing why objects are being kept alive.


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