The package bpxappc.EXE has sample code that will let you run an APPC server from the OS/390 UNIX shell. You will be able to write APPC code in the shell and execute it in the shell.

The contents of this self-extracting zip file are:

File Name Purpose
client.c C source code that enables the APPC client to run in the shell
server.c C source code that enables the APPC server to run in the shell
makefile Use this to make the C code executables
shellappc JCL needed to add the server to the Transaction Profile (TP) data set (a VSAM data set on MVS)
siadd JCL that adds the information to the side information data set that is associated with the TP data set. This enables the client to find the server.
ATBCMC.h The APPC header file shipped with OS/390, which CPI-C uses

Anonymous login

Here's how to use anonymous ftp to get the files:

 (enter "anonymous" for user name)
 cd /s390/zos/tools/appc
 dir                (to list the files and subdirectories)
 get bpxappc.readme.txt
 get bpxappc.EXE

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