oeconsol is an z/OS UNIX shell commmand which allows users to issue MVS system commands and receive their responses. The command is very similar to the TSO/E CONSOLE command.

Using oeconsol


oeconsol 'command' 'Wwait-time'

oeconsol runs in either command or interactive mode. In command mode, an operator command is passed as a parameter to oeconsol. oeconsol executes the command, displays any command output and terminates. An optional additional parameter is a wait-time in seconds prefixed by 'W' for oeconsol to get a response (default is 3 seconds, that is, W3). If no parameters are entered, then oeconsol operates in interactive mode. In interactive mode, oeconsol displays a prompt message, <OECONSOL> and waits for operator commands to be entered. Until the user enters end, oeconsol executes entered commands and displays any command output.


RWJBB13:/u/rwjbb13: >oeconsol
d omvs
BPXO042I 16.50.04 DISPLAY OMVS 620
OMVS     000E ACTIVE          OMVS=(00)
RWJBB13:/u/rwjbb13: >

RWJBB13:/u/rwjbb13: >oeconsol 'd omvs'
BPXO042I 17.05.53 DISPLAY OMVS 421
OMVS     000E ACTIVE          OMVS=(00)
RWJBB13:/u/rwjbb13: >

RWJBB13:/u/rwjbb13: >oeconsol 'd grs,c' 'W5'
ISG343I 15.01.54 GRS STATUS 936     
RWJBB13:/u/rwjbb13: >

Installing oeconsol

  1. Download the source code
  2. Make the following JCL modifications:
    • Provide a valid JOB card
    • Update the value of JCL variable LIBRARY to the name of an appropriate APF-authorized library that is in the LinkList, SYS1.LINKLIB is the supplied value.
    • Update the value of the JCL variable DIR to the path name where oeconsol is to execute. I use /usr/local/bin which is defined in our PATH variable.
  3. Ensure oeconsol is RACF program protected if needed.

Note: This version of oeconsol differs from earlier versions in that it only uses compiled code in MVS; the oeconsol command in z/OS UNIX is just a stub that uses the sticky bit to call the MVS program.

As the program is called from LinkList, you may need to refresh LLA after installation to make it immediately available.

Controlling oeconsol

oeconsol runs as an extended MCS console whose console-name is the login userid, or the login userid plus an additional character if a console name of the login userid is already in use. Use of oeconsol is best controlled via the PROGRAM class, although access to commands can be controlled via the RACF OPERCMDS class. Additionally, the OPERPARM segment of the login userid can be used to control the console attributes of oeconsol. The latest version of oeconsol sets the extended MCS console to have the AUTH(ALL) attribute. If this is not appropriate for your installation, then you can disable this by commenting out the following line (by placing an asterisk in column 1):


For more information refer to MVS Planning: Operations.


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