SYSMOD Comparison HOLDDATA Report

The REPORT SYSMODS command is used to compare the SYSMOD content of target and DLIB zones. A SYSMOD Comparison Report is generated identifying the SYSMODs that exist in the input zone, but are not found in the comparison zone. The REPORT SYSMODS command was modified to generate a new Sysmod Comparison HOLDDATA Report to identify the SYSTEM and USER HOLDs that must be resolved before the SYSMODs identified in the SYSMOD Comparison Report can be installed in the comparison zone. To maintain a deeper pool of HOLDDATA, HOLDDATA is no longer deleted from the global zone when the associated SYSMOD is deleted from the global zone during ACCEPT, RESTORE, REJECT PURGE or REJECT Mass mode processing. HOLDDATA will be deleted during REJECT NOFMID or REJECT SELECT processing when the HOLDDATA operand is specified.

When change was introduced: z/OS V1R13.

Multitasking using GMDDALC SYSPRINT allocation

Previously, SMP/E required the use of a DDDEF for SYSPRINT dynamic allocation in order to permit multi-tasking during Binder link-edit activities. In V1R13, SMP/E processing was modified to support multi-tasking using a SYSPRINT definition in the GIMDDALC data.

When change was introduced: z/OS V1R13.

New SAF checks for SMP/E processing

As an authorized program, SMP/E must ensure that any programs it calls that reside in an authorized library are called only in expected environments with expected parameters. In V1R13, SAF checks were added to ensure that only users with sufficient access authority are allowed to invoke certain SMP/E functions.

When change was introduced: z/OS V1R13.

Simplifying deployment processes

A new z/OSMF application, z/OSMF Software Deployment, provides the functions needed to create and deploy a copy, or clone, of existing SMP/E-installed software images, including IBM software that were installed using ServerPac, CBPDO, or fee-based installation offerings, as well as ISV or customer software.

When change was introduced: z/OS V1R13.

Cross Global Zone Reporting

The REPORT CROSSZONE and REPORT SYSMODS commands are used to compare the contents of target and DLIB zones. Previously, the compared zones had to be defined in the same GLOBAL zone. In V1R13, target or DLIB zones that are defined in different global zones can be specified.

When change was introduced: z/OS V1R13.

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