SDSF provides you with information to monitor, manage, and control your z/OS system. It can help you run your business and save you time and money.

SDSF panels provide current information about jobs, output, devices (including printers, punches, initiators, lines, spool offloaders and spool volumes) and system resources, including nodes and WLM enclaves, anywhere in the MAS.

With SDSF panels, there is no need to learn or remember complex command syntax. SDSF's action characters, overtypeable fields, action bar, pull-downs, and pop-up windows allow you to select available functions.

For an overview of SDSF, with examples, download or browse this document:

SDSF Overview (68KB)

Tips for downloading:

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To download a file, right click on the link for the file and then select the action, usually Save Target as... or Save Link As....

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