System Display and Search Facility

SDSF provides a powerful and secure way to monitor and manage your z/OS sysplex, in both JES2 and JES3 environments. SDSF's easy-to-use interface lets you control:

  • Jobs and output
  • Devices, such as printers, readers, lines, and spool offloaders
  • Checks from IBM Health Checker for z/OS
  • System resources, such as WLM scheduling environments, the members of your MAS, and JES job classes
  • System log and action messages

SDSF Function in z/OSMF
SDSF function is available in IBM z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF), which lets you manage aspects of z/OS through a web browser interface. You can see system activity at a glance with graphic views of CPU use; manage and browse jobs, output and checks for IBM Health Checker for z/OS; issue system commands and export SDSF tables for use by other programs, such as spreadsheet applications.

New for z/OS V2R1
Support for 64-bit addressing, enhanced browsing of data with REXX and Java, simplified printing, improved sorting, filtering using symbols, and more, are available with z/OS V2R1 SDSF. Read about these and other recent enhancements.

SDSF with Java
Access SDSF function with the Java programming language. This presentation provides an introduction: SDSF Data with Java

Merge the power of SDSF with the simplicity of REXX. This presentation will get you started:
Using REXX with SDSF

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