System Display and Search Facility

SDSF provides a powerful and secure way to monitor and manage your z/OS sysplex, in both JES2 and JES3 environments. SDSF's easy-to-use interface lets you control:

  • Jobs and output
  • Devices, such as printers, readers, lines, and spool offloaders
  • Checks from IBM Health Checker for z/OS
  • System resources, such as WLM scheduling environments, the members of your MAS, and JES job classes
  • System log and action messages

SDSF Function in z/OSMF
SDSF function is available in IBM z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF), which lets you manage aspects of z/OS through a web browser interface. You can see system activity at a glance with graphic views of CPU use; manage and browse jobs, output and checks for IBM Health Checker for z/OS; issue system commands and export SDSF tables for use by other programs, such as spreadsheet applications.

New for z/OS V2R2
Work with job steps, JES2 job groups, and more. Print an SDSF panel or save it to a data set. Run a REXX exec against a row on a tabular panel, using an action character. Generate a REXX exec for the current panel and display it with ISPF Edit. Save system commands for future use with comments and groups. Read about these and other recent enhancements.

SDSF with Java
Access SDSF function with the Java programming language. This presentation provides an introduction: SDSF Data with Java

Merge the power of SDSF with the simplicity of REXX. This presentation will get you started:
Using REXX with SDSF

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