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IBM Documentation

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Business Continuity for SAP on IBM System z, Edition 12/2013, SC33-8206-06 (PDF, 6,7MB). This book applies to SAP NetWeaver Releases 7.1 up to and including 7.4, based on the 7.20 Downward Compatible Kernel (7.20 DCK). The documentation covers the latest releases of the involved software components, and has special focus on enhancements of the new *SAPSRV add-on policy which comes with System Automation for z/OS 3.4 (APAR level OA43145). These enhancements include support for remotely managed SAP application servers, HA wizard enhancements, as well as script and resource modifications that help reduce complexity. New topics describe enqueue replication into System z Coupling Facility, as well as the SAP high availability library (HAlib) interface for SA z/OS. The guide also covers new health state monitoring of the SAP Enqueue replication server, and a new option for DB2 connection failover. Previous versions of this book apply to older SAP releases which you should also use if you continue to employ the previous *SAP add-on policy. This edition replaces the version SC33-8206-05.

Business Continuity for SAP on IBM System z, SC33-8206-04 (PDF, 7MB). This book applies to SAP NetWeaver Releases 7.x up to and including 7.30. The recommendations in the book cover the latest releases of the involved software components - with special focus on System Automation for z/OS 3.3 and DB2 10 for z/OS and SLES11.
The IBM Business Continuity solution for SAP on System z provides the means for fully automating the management of all SAP components and related products running on z/OS, AIX®, or Linux®. The automation software monitors resources and controls the restart or takeover of failing components, thereby ensuring the SAP system’s near continuous availability.
Previous versions of this book apply to older SAP releases.

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SAP Documentation

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The search page allows you to find a note by number, or by a keyword or other search term. For example, SAP Note 81737 (DB2/390: APAR List) is of particular interest, because it describes the required service level for running SAP with DB2 for z/OS:

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