The components of RMF

Productivity, growth and investment protection


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Productivity, growth and investment protection

RMF offers benefits to help you control your z/OS systems in user productivity, growth enablement, investment protection and Performance Monitoring.

User productivity
Both system operators and system programmers can work more productively through RMF's functions for single system image for performance management. Here's how:

  • Single logon to one system is all that's required to get an overview of all components of a sysplex. You can tell at a glance how the sysplex or single system is doing.
  • Control your enterprise from a single workstation and react immediately to any system performance problem of your z/OS environment.
  • Quick problem detection allows for immediate corrections and therefore prevents performance bottlenecks and system outages.
  • Exploit the capabilities to create your installation specific reports for historical analysis and use the new Spreadsheet Reporter to analyze data with your spreadsheet applications. This enhances your possibilities to easily obtain precise information for your capacity plan.

Growth enablement
New hardware and software concepts are continuously being designed to support growing enterprise environments while reducing the cost of ownership and providing new benefits. RMF makes it significantly easier to manage complex systems.

Investment protection
RMF features improvements in existing functions, as well as new functions to support your growing environment. Your investment protection is assured by using RMF to always have the most current and most accurate view of your system performance.

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