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RMF is an optional feature of z/OS
Resource Measurement Facility (RMF) is shipped with every release of z/OS at the current level of support. It is integration tested with z/OS and includes the enhancements available with every new release.

Use RMF for managing your sysplex performance
RMF provides all the reporting functions you need to manage the performance of your sysplex efficiently from a single point. Use RMF's goal mode reports to understand the goal attainment in your installation, take the coupling facility online reports to monitor the utilization of structures or links, and look at the suite of I/O subsystem reports to manage storage subsystems and devices in your sysplex.

Control your enterprise from a single point
Measure the performance of your computer resources from a single point. Exploit the workstation function Performance Monitoring (PM) to quickly detect and correct potential problems anywhere in your enterprise.

Use RMF data with your business applications
Exploit the functionality to load RMF data into your spreadsheet applications and to easily integrate historical performance data into your business processes.

Integrate RMF with other products
Use RMF data with System Automation for z/OS and System Display and Search Facility (SDSF) for effective systems automation and work management.

RMF -- Real value for the customer
RMF is designed to ease the management of single or multiple system workload and to enable faster reaction to system delays. Detecting a possible bottleneck early means that corrective actions can be taken earlier. System delays are avoided or at least remedied in an early stage. System programmers are supported by several new reports which ease their work, helping them to tune their system optimally. Consequently, this leads to fewer workload problems and, most important, increases system and operator productivity, a fact that makes the company as a whole more effective at less cost.

Use RMF and take systems to peak performance
As MVS systems have grown, monitoring resources to provide peak performance has become increasingly complex. That's why there is RMF. RMF can be used to track problems back to their sources, no matter where they occur so you can respond before they become critical. Data gathered by RMF is the key for performance management of an z/OS system or a system complex of z/OS systems. It is used by many other performance and system management products to help you control your environment.

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