Use Monitor III to easily identify problems related to data sets.

A key requirement of many RMF users is to help them to identify problems on a data set level. When many address spaces use or wait for a device, or when a job shows high device delays, you might want to know which data sets are the reason for these delays or the cause for potential problems in the system. OS/390 V2R4 RMF now provides three new Monitor III reports which help you to answer these questions. The reports let you examine:

  • all data sets and the jobs using the data sets for a selected volume,
  • all data sets used by a selected job,
  • a set of selected data sets and the jobs using these data sets.

The reports give you the ability to view data set usage from these angles and they are named respectively:

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Data Set Delays - Volume Report

The Data Set Delays - Volume (DSNV) Report is the logical step for further investigation of device usage after you identified devices with an interesting amount of jobs using or being delayed for the device. You can directly navigate to the report from the Device Resource Utilization (DEVR) report through cursor-sensitive control from the volume serial number of the device.

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