RMF newsletters introduce new functions and provide hints and tips.

08/2016 -- z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #30

z/OS reporting enhancements for Mobile Workload Pricing (see page 48)

New LPAR capping options (see page 52)

RMF keeps a close eye on zFS performance (see page 66)

08/2013 -- z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #27

One format fits all - Cross-Platform SMF records featured by RMF (see page 57)

08/2012 -- z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #26

How to analyze serialization delays using RMF postprocessor XML reports (see page 9)

10/2011 -- z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #25

Now performing! RMF XP (see page 13)

8/2010 -- z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #23

Help manage your workloads and performance with enhancements to z/OSMF V1 12 (see page 18)

2/2009 -- z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #20

RMF Distributed Data Server is right when things go wrong (see page 40)

9/2008 -- Planning considerations for HiperDispatch mode

This document provides an introduction to HiperDispatch mode and illustrates how RMF supports HiperDispatch mode in the CPU Activity report.

8/2007 -- z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #17

Mining the XCF data mountain (see page 52)

2/2007 -- z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #16

Gateway to your performance data (see page 56)

2/2004 -- z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #10

Picture this ! RMF Spreadsheet Reporter (see page 48 back cover)

1/2001 -- Support for the Workload License Charges (WLC) pricing model

This newsletter describes RMF enhancements related to the Workload License Charges (WLC) pricing model.

1/1999 - Enclaves: Managing business transactions

This newsletter introduces you to enclaves, a method of managing business transactions that gives you more effective control over non-traditional workloads.


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