RMF newsletters introduce new functions and provide hints and tips.

08/2016 -- z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #30

z/OS reporting enhancements for Mobile Workload Pricing (see page 48)

New LPAR capping options (see page 52)

RMF keeps a close eye on zFS performance (see page 66)


zEvent - RMF data on your mobile device !

zEvent is a notification and monitoring app for the management of IBM z/OS systems enabling to quickly react to critical system messages, process failures, or resource shortages.The notification can be coupled with zEvent's integrated interfaces to z/OS tools, such as IBM Resource Measurement Facility (RMF) and IBM z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF), allows to drill down and pinpoint the system message source. 


08/2013 -- z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #27

One format fits all - Cross-Platform SMF records featured by RMF (see page 57)


7/2015 -- RMF XP Implementation Guide

This document helps you in configuring the CIM servers and their metric providers and gives you additional hints and tips on how to optimize your RMF XP configuration.


08/2012 -- z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #26

How to analyze serialization delays using RMF postprocessor XML reports (see page 9)

10/2011 -- z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #25

Now performing! RMF XP (see page 13)


8/2010 -- z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #23

Help manage your workloads and performance with enhancements to z/OSMF V1 12 (see page 18)


2/2009 -- z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #20

RMF Distributed Data Server is right when things go wrong (see page 40)


9/2008 -- Planning considerations for HiperDispatch mode

This document provides an introduction to HiperDispatch mode and illustrates how RMF supports HiperDispatch mode in the CPU Activity report.


8/2007 -- z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #17

Mining the XCF data mountain (see page 52)


2/2007 -- z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #16

Gateway to your performance data (see page 56)


2/2004 -- z/OS Hot Topics Newsletter #10

Picture this ! RMF Spreadsheet Reporter (see page 48 back cover)


 1/2001 -- Support for the Workload License Charges (WLC) pricing model

This newsletter describes RMF enhancements related to the Workload License Charges (WLC) pricing model.


1/1999 - Enclaves: Managing business transactions


This newsletter introduces you to enclaves, a method of managing business transactions that gives you more effective control over non-traditional workloads.

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