First issued in 1973, IBM’s MVS™ System Integrity Statement, and subsequent statements for OS/390® and z/OS, has stood for over three decades as a symbol of IBM’s confidence in and commitment to the z/OS operating system. IBM reaffirms its commitment to z/OS System Integrity (PDF, 1.1MB).

IBM’s commitment includes design and development practices intended to prevent unauthorized application programs, subsystems, and users from bypassing z/OS security – that is, to prevent them from gaining access, circumventing, disabling, altering, or obtaining control of key z/OS system processes and resources unless allowed by the installation. Specifically, z/OS “System Integrity” is defined as the inability of any program not authorized by a mechanism under the installation’s control to circumvent or disable store or fetch protection, access a resource protected by the z/OS Security Server (RACF®), or obtain control in an authorized state; that is, in supervisor state, with a protection key less than eight (8), or Authorized Program Facility (APF) authorized. In the event that an IBM System Integrity problem is reported, IBM will always take action to resolve it.

IBM’s long-term commitment to System Integrity is unique in the industry, and forms the basis of z/OS’ industry leadership in system security. z/OS is designed to help you protect your system, data, transactions, and applications from accidental or malicious modification. This is one of the many reasons IBM System z™ remains the industry’s premier data server for mission-critical workloads.

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