The RACKILL Utility

The RACKILL utility allows you to unconditionally delete profiles in the RACF database. Users of the utility must have UPDATE authority to the resource RACKILL in the FACILITY class.

This utility is useful when a profile cannot be deleted by the normal RACF commands (such as DELDSD and RDELETE) because of a mismatch with other profiles or when a class's MAXLENGTH value has been reduced.

Requests are logged to SMF using RACROUTE REQUEST=AUDIT,EVENT='GENERAL',EVQUAL=97,LOGSTR=. If prerequisite PTFs that allow the use of event qualifier 97 are not installed, the utility will attempt to AUDIT using EVQUAL=0 instead.

The RACKILL utility consists of these files:

You can download these files either by using your browser or by using anonymous file transfer protocol (ftp). From your browser, select "file" and "save as". For anonymous ftp, use the site RACKILL can be found in the directory /eserver/zseries/zos/racf/rackill/. Be sure to FTP these files to your MVS environment into data sets which are in fixed-blocked format and which have a record length of 80.

We welcome your comments and questions on the RACKILL utility. Please direct them to the RACF-L mailing list. Subscription information for RACF-L can be found from the RACF-L Discussion List Page.


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