The rac command

In the z/OS UNIX System Services environment, one can only issue authorized TSO commands, including the RACF TSO commands, when entering the shell via the OMVS interface. This ability does not exist for users using telnet, rlogin, rsh, or rexec to establish their z/OS UNIX shell environment. Further, output from TSO commands, regardless of the environment, can not be easily manipulated using standard shell programming techniques, such as the grep, sed, and awk commands, pipelines, and redirection of stdout.

The rac command allows RACF commands to be issued in any z/OS UNIX environment and writes the command output to stdout, thus making it available for shell programming techniques.

Note that the tsocmd utility available on the z/OS UNIX Tools and Toys web page can be used to issue RACF commands, but it requires APF authorization.

The rac tool consists of these files:

You can download these files either by using your browser or by using anonymous file transfer protocol (ftp). From your browser, select "file" and "save as". For anonymous ftp, use the site rac can be found in the directory /eserver/zseries/zos/racf/rac/. Full installation instructions are in the racReadMe.pdf file.

We welcome your comments and questions on the rac utility. Please direct them to the RACF-L mailing list. Subscription information for RACF-L can be found from the RACF-L Discussion List page.


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