Check out the eserver/zseries/zos/racf/ directory on the z/OS FTP Server for the very useful sample utilities shown below.  Please note that the IBM Support Center does not provide support for any of these programs. Please direct all questions and reports of problems to  RACF-L

Note: If you use ftp to transfer the files associated with the tools above, please be careful to have the proper ftp mode set. For example, any of the tools which are packaged in TSO TRANSMIT format must be transferred in binary format.

Before files in TSO TRANSMIT format can be 'reconstituted' on an MVS system, the TSO TRANSMIT file must be placed in an MVS data set with a fixed length of 80. This can be done with ftp as long as you set the output file characteristics with one of the ftp commands below (depending upon your ftp client):

In addition, IBM's International Technical Support Organization is making its popular RACTRACE package available. RACTRACE helps you answer security-related questions by allowing you to trace calls made to RACF through MVS's System Authorization Facility (SAF) interface.

If you are running z/OS Release 2 to higher, you also have the RACF SAF Trace function available. For more information on SAF Trace, please see the Security Server RACF Diagnosis Guide (GA22-7689).

Please note that the most current version of RACFICE, a powerful  DFSORT ICETOOL application which analyzes the output from the RACF Database Unload Utility and RACF SMF Data Unload Utility, is available in 'SYS1.SAMPLIB(IRRICE)'.

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