The DBSYNC utility

DBSYNC is a REXX exec that can be used to compare unloaded (by IRRDBU00) RACF databases and create commands to correct differences between the two databases. This can be used to synchronize the database contents, except for a few discrepancies that cannot be fixed and except for passwords, which aren't unloaded by IRRDBU00.

DBSYNC can also be used with a single input file to create commands to recreate profiles or to delete profiles.

DBSYNC can be useful as a primitive way of generating commands when cloning or renaming users or groups. It can also be useful when doing database merges.

The DBSYNC tool consists of these files:

You can download these files either by using your browser or by using anonymous file transfer protocol (ftp). From your browser, select "file" and "save as". For anonymous ftp, use the site The directory /eserver/zseries/zos/racf/dbsync/ contains the DBSYNC files.

All DBSYNC files are in ASCII, except for the TSO TRANSMIT format files, which are in binary and must be saved, uploaded to z/OS in binary, and processed with the TSO RECEIVE command

We welcome your comments and questions on the DBSYNC Utility. Please direct them to the RACF-L mailing list. Subscription information for RACF-L can be found from the RACF-L Discussion List page.


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