The CUTPWHIS utility

Important! APAR OA43999 (available on z/OS V1.12 and higher) provides a replacement function for CUTPWHIS! This comes in the form of a new PWCLEAN keyword of the ALTUSER command.  OA43999 also provides an enhanced password hashing algorithm.  When that algorithm is in effect, continued use of CUTPWHIS will damage password history, thereby allowing users to reuse password values!  No update to CUTPWHIS is planned.


CUTPWHIS is an assembler program which removes non-usable passwords from the RACF password history. Non-usable passwords are created when the password history (SETROPTS PASSWORD(HISTORY(xxx)) value is reduced.

For example, assume that SETROPTS PASSWORD(HISTORY(5)) has been specified and FRED's last five passwords are 'AAA', 'BBB', 'CCC', 'DDD', and 'EEE'. The password history is then reduced from 5 to 3 by the use of the SETROPTS PASSWORD(HISTORY(3)) command. FRED may never use the last two entries in his password history ('DDD' and 'EEE') again. CUTPWHIS removes the 'DDD' and 'EEE' entries from the password history.

The CUTPWHIS utility consists of these files:

You must assemble CUTPWHIS and link-edit it into an APF-authorized library. CUTPWHIS must be link-edited as "non-reentrant", which can be done by specifying PARM='NORENT,AC=1' on your linkage editor invocation.

Users of CUTPWHIS must have UPDATE authority to the resource RACF.PASSWORD.MAINTENANCE.HISTORY.LNGTH in the FACILITY class.

We welcome your comments and questions on the CUTPWHIS utility. Please direct them to the RACF-L mailing list. Subscription information for RACF-L can be found from the RACF-L Discussion List Page.


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