The bpxcheck Utility

With z/OS V1.11, RACF started supporting automatic OMVS segment assignment using the BPX.UNIQUE.USER profile in the FACILITY class. This is the recommended replacement function for the default UNIX identity, implemented using the BPX.DEFAULT.USER profile in the FACILITY class.
BPX.UNIQUE.USER has dependencies on the implementation of a number of other RACF functions, as documented in RACF Security Administrator's Guide.

In February, 2011, IBM announced that z/OS V1.13 would be the last release to support BPX.DEFAULT.USER. As a planning aid, the bpxcheck REXX program will analyze your system and report on the relevant functions which you have active. The program should be run from a SPECIAL user with the ability to use the extract functions of the R_admin callable service (IRRSEQ00). The program will check for the required authorization before proceeding.

The bpxcheck program is read-only; it will not attempt to make any changes to your RACF system.

Hint: bxcheck can be run from a TSO, batch, or UNIX shell environment. Running bpxcheck from the shell allows you scroll back through the generated output, or to easily direct the output to a file.

The bpxcheck utility consists of this file:

You can download this file either by using your browser or by using anonymous file transfer protocol (ftp). From your browser, select "file" and "save as". For anonymous ftp, use the site bpxcheck can be found in the directory /eserver/zseries/zos/racf/bpxcheck/.

We welcome your comments and questions on the bpxcheck utility. Please direct them to the RACF-L mailing list. Subscription information for RACF-L can be found from the RACF-L Discussion List page.

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