Boost productivity by migrating legacy applications that contain Xerox LDCS and metacode data to IBM AFP™ printers.

With IBM Infoprint® XT, you can migrate Xerox legacy applications to the de facto industry standard IBM Advanced Function Presentation™ (AFP) technology and implement a highly productive solution.

By keeping your print environment on z/OS® while migrating to AFP, you can eliminate the need to connect and learn a new operating system to migrate your printer from Xerox to AFP. By using Infoprint XT, you can convert your Xerox applications to AFP without rewriting print management code of existing applications, support multiple printer technologies and help lower your total cost of ownership for print.

For businesses moving from traditional print to electronic distribution, Infoprint XT adds flexibility to handle various formats and to incorporate printers and output management solutions from multiple vendors.


  • Facilitate migration to cut-sheet or high-speed continuous forms printers.
  • Enable single data stream application printing in a multi-vendor environment, and a single existing IBM eServer zSeries server can drive multiple printers.
  • Support IT resource focus on new business initiatives for competitive advantage versus migrating legacy print applications.
  • Provide for a single operator interface to support multiple printers to reduce operator costs.
  • Print to higher speed printers to meet tight print windows.
  • Consolidate print workloads to fewer printers.
  • Provide the option to implement IBM Infoprint Workflow to help automate the control of an enterprise's total output management process.

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